‘Clément Denis: INNERWORLDS, Journey of a Motionless Nomad’ at Nicolas Auvray Gallery




Clement Denis, Il Pent Son Monde II (DYPTIQUE). Image courtesy Nicolas Auvray Gallery

Nicolas Auvray Gallery is thrilled to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition of emerging artist Clément Denis at its Chelsea location. The exhibition, titled “Innerworlds: Journey of a Motionless Nomad”, showcases a captivating collection of unseen ongoing and previous works, offering a unique and profound exploration of life and identity through the eyes of the painter. The exhibition marks Denis’ first solo show in New York City and promises to introduce a new step in his artistic development. Opening September 28th.

Artist Clement Denis. Image courtesy Nicolas Auvray Gallery

With “Innerworlds: Journey of a Motionless Nomad”, Clément Denis retraces the last five years of his life: motionless because he was locked up during the COVID, nomadic because, despite his inability to cross borders, his works have traveled as far as Asia, and Denis’s pictorial universe has expanded to include new techniques (woven paper, bird prints on canvas, etc.) and new themes.

An exhibition in three time spaces as Denis has spent the last five years in places that have opened up his palette of colors: Noirmoutier, his home island, where he spent his first confinement and which gave rise to the River Song series on climate disruption; Paris , the city in which he lived and where he spent several months without painting, paralyzed by the fear of losing his companion who was ill at the time, which inspired him the Confusion des sentiments (Confusion of feelings) series where he weaves couples to make their love eternal ; Vétheuil, where he settled to help his companion heal, and where he lives in Claude Monet’s former house, below Joan Mitchell’s, in a setting of water, green hills and chalk cliffs that inspired his latest series, Peindre le vent.

Clement Denis, LESBOS, Acrylic on paper, 115×180. Image courtesy Nicolas Auvray Gallery

About the artist ~ Clément Denis investigates the barriers of communication at the crossroads of the human condition, utilizing various materials including mosaic and painting in his work. His anthropological investigations result in a series of portraits of individuals that he invites to feel a shared state of uncertainty and confusion. Emotions that are a prerequisite to the act of painting for him.

For the past ten years, Denis has engaged with figments of memory and explored the body as a site of consciousness in his painting practice. Over time his works have evolved from dark and rich tableaus to more expansive works with sinuous lines and a bright, acidulated palette. In 2021, the lockdown due to pandemic led him to Noirmoutier where a premonitory dream inspired him a new series – “The river song”. In it he saw an island and his family home engulfed by water, with only the treetops and the roof emerged. His work ponders over the affect of relentless climate change and its consequences on nature, as well as man’s initiatory path faced with an impending unavoidable calamity.

Clément Denis: INNERWORLDS, Journey of a Motionless Nomad will be on view from September 28 to November 7, 2023 at Nicolas Auvray Gallery, 522 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, NYC. There will be an Opening Reception on Thursday, September 28th from 6-8pm.

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