‘Come Closer’ Arriving in Tribeca Park



Tribeca Park
“Come Closer” by Rebecca Manson

The artist Rebecca Manson invites viewers to “Come Closer and the View Gets Wilder” with her new art installation in Tribeca Park.

Tribeca Park
Come Closer by Rebecca Manson located in Tribeca Park, 8 Beach Street – at the intersection of West Broadway and Sixth Avenue

The new, temporary art installation is “a sphere of tiny porcelain sculptures, each an intimate, bone-like shape, adhered and supported by an elaborate system of aluminum and epoxy.”  “The structure celebrates the idea that small things together amount to something impactful; a monument to collective consciousness.”

Tribeca Park
Artist Rebecca Manson ~ Come Closer image via craftcreativitydesign.org

“My work uses ceramics as a metaphor for the individual and societal body,” says Manson. “This sculpture was informed by the process of working with clay, a nature that wants to collapse. For me, ceramics is tied to personal resilience and rebuilding in the face of adversity.”

Tribeca Park
‘Come Closer’ by Rebecca Manson

The installation, “Come Closer was designed in collaboration with Sigma Design Company, with support from the Windgate Project Grant and NYC Parks. It will be installed by Stebich Ridder International Fine Arts Services, and will be on view in Tribeca Park from Monday, July 9, 2018 through July 2019.

Come Closer ~ a closeup

Come Closer replaces What a Wonderful World by artist Leonard Ursachi in 2017, and Head of Goliath by the artist Nicholas Holiber in 2016.

Tribeca Park is located at the intersection of West Broadway and Sixth Avenue.