Confront Art’s SEEINJUSTICE Debuts in Union Square




Photo by Jane Kratochvil

The Union Square Partnership, in collaboration with NYC Park’s Art in the Park Program and Confront Art, unveiled SEEINJUSTICE in Union Square on Thursday, September 30th. Conceived by artist Chris Carnabuci, the installation features three 12 foot bronzed sculptures of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Congressman John Lewis. The installation will be on view through October 30th in Union Square Park.

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Union Square Partnership executive director, Jennifer Falk, welcomed guests to Union Square for the unveiling and the program featured deeply meaningful remarks from New York City Deputy Mayor J. Phillip Thompson, George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, National Action Network’s Dominique Sharpton, daughter of Al Sharpton, the artist Chris Carnabuci, and Confront Art’s founders Andrew Cohen and Lindsay Eshelman. To honor the day, Vy Higginsen’s Sing Harlem Choir performed “Go Down Moses” and “Down by the Riverside,” and spoken word artist Savon Bartley performed an original poem he wrote for the occasion, entitled “The Bridges They Burn.”

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we will march across the bridges they burn to be on the right side of freedom
love is a fist in the fight for freedom and freedom is a dirty secret we cleaned

with social justice and protests

if we want to make a difference meet every action
with a better version
of ourselves

if you want to wear the weight
of responsibility
around your neck make it gold

if you know what is wrong
and you do nothing about it
you are not turning the other cheek you are turning a blind eye

sometimes getting in trouble
means getting attention
sometimes getting attention
means getting your way
sometimes to get what you want you have to get in the way

change cannot breathe without compassion

compassion can’t be kept

it’s is give and take it is always passing

it is not always beautiful nor is it easy
but it is necessary

to be the light in the distance

shouting hope
to be in the reach of those that need it

make everyday a new canvas to paint
a new opportunity to unlock potential
and be the change that the world needs you to be

every breath is a chance you will never have again take one
before they’re all


via UnionSquareNY on Instagram

Confront Art worked closely with the families of George Floyd and their charity “We Are Floyd,” the “Breonna Taylor Foundation,” and Congressman John Lewis’ Foundation, “The John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation” as partners of the SEEINJUSTICE series to raise awareness about social justice issues and provide a safe place of healing and community through the creation of public art. The SEEINJUSTICE series is inspired by the events of 2020 and has empowered many to take a stand in demanding justice, as Congressman John Lewis once did. The series aims to honor the lives and ongoing messages through art, tying together three iconic people.

via UnionSquareNY on Instagram

SEEINJUSTINCE is on display at Union Square, a venue that has historically protected the right to free speech and demonstration. Union Square New York City has long brought together people of all ages, races, nationalities, religions, and orientations in the name of community and discourse. The sculptures stand at 12-feet tall, composed of layers of precision-cut wood to craft a detailed and realistic monument of each subject. The exhibition will be on display from October 1 – October 30 in Union Square in New York City.

Above video, the artist, Chris Carnabuci, speaks about why he created the three sculptures, his process and the #seeinjustice project. In addition, Terrence Floyd (George Floyd’s brother) speaks about his involvement in this project.