Dan Perjovschi: The Nightmare It Was to be Inaugural Exhibition at Jane Lombard Gallery’s New Space in Tribeca




Dan Perjovschi, Molotov Liberty, Permanent marker on paper, 2020.

Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural Tribeca exhibition, The Nightmare It Was, a new series of works by Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi. The 2020 presidential campaign has proven itself to be an unpredictable landscape, as political, cultural and economic gaps, interwoven with tensions from the COVID-19 pandemic, have carved divisions between the American people. Drawing on US-centric political subjects, from life and the media, Perjovchi’s exhibition investigates challenging discussions surrounding tensions between the two American parties and how fact can so easily be obscured into fiction. The Nightmare It Was is on view from November 21 – December 19, 2020.

Dan Perjovschi, VOTE, Window paint on glass, 2020.

The first installment of the two-part exhibition, The Nightmare It Is, will feature daily drawings by Perjovschi displayed on the inside of the main gallery window for contactless street viewing starting November 2nd. Utilizing water-based window paint and shorthand application, the rotating installation acts as a visual think board, providing a temporary and evolving platform for statements meant to encourage voters, reflect on America’s response to quarantine, and react to potential futures. The Nightmare It Was, premiering on November 14th, will be the debut exhibition in the gallery’s new space and will present a new body of work of illustrative commentary on a range of interconnected political issues that resonate on a transnational scale. The exhibition was made not only as a response to general U.S. political commentary, but also commentary on the country’s response to crisis. Presentings us with quick witted editorials that defy art world binaries, Perjovschi’s drawings are not cartoons, nor comics or graffiti, but conscientious visual and journalistic responses to socio-political unease. His intent is not to shock, but to understand. His works are imbued with an undeniable sense of humor, a necessity in these trying times.

Jane Lombard Gallery view, Dan Perjovschi website

As part of the exhibition, there will be an interactive installation* where viewers are encouraged to create their own chalk drawings that will act as a judgement-free platform for dialogue. Whether they exist as political commentaries or simple thoughts in that present moment, the space upholds an evolutionary through-line to the work.

Dan Perjovschi: The Nightmare It Is/The Nightmare It Was will be on view from November 21 through December 19, 2020 at Jane Lombard Gallery, 58 White Street in Tribeca, NYC.

Ministry of Truth, one of twenty different billboards by twenty different artists located among the five boroughs of NYC

In a collaboration between Art at a Time Like This and Save Art Space, the public art exhibition Ministry of Truth is now on view! The exhibition features 20 billboards by 20 different artists, including Dan Perjovschi. Located among the 5 boroughs of New York City, each billboard responds to the harrowing state of U.S. politics leading up to the election.

Visit Dan Perjovschi’s billboard work, Virus Diary (Moron), 2020 located at 43rd Road and 11th St. in Long Island City. 

Artist Mask

How cool is this! Artist Mask ~ Dan Perjovschi, Social Distance, 2020 $40. Open edition. The face mask is available at the gallery or online.