‘David Blaine: Ascension’ Didn’t Fly High in New York on August 31st but Did Ascend on September 2nd in Arizona




David Blaine, Ascension, from YouTube
  • Update, August 31, 2020: Due to weather conditions, the ‘ascent’ was cancelled. The magician will move his ascension to Arizona, where he successfully completed the project on September 2, 2020. See his YouTube video below.

New York-based Magician, David Blaine, will turn our attention from our current serious state of affairs to wondrous, def defying and maybe a little silly. Blaine will float across the Hudson River from New York to New Jersey holding a cluster of helium-filled balloons.

Blaine announced this on Wednesday, August 12th in a Tweet, letting followers know that the event will take place live on YouTube on August 31st.

The magician isn’t new to New York events.┬áThose of us who were here in 1999 will remember the magical, if not weird, Buried Alive stunt ~ not eating or drinking for seven days. In 2002, again in NYC, he stood on a pillar for 72 hours while being electrocuted with a million volts of electricity.

“This stunt has been ten-years in the making. Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights.” said Blaine on Twitter.

With all that’s been going on this past several months, the thought of grabbing on to a cluster of helium balloons and ascending toward the sky, sounds quite magical.

David Blaine: Ascension will be a YouTube Original ~ a live event to be held on August 31, 2020.