Day de Dada ~ October 1st, Après Avant Garde Festival on the Staten Island Ferry



Join Day de Dada on Sunday, October 1st for a day of music, dance, and poetry on the Staten Island Ferry!

The annual Aprés Avant Garde Festival of New York will bring artists, musicians, and performers together on the Staten Island Ferry, turning it into a floating performance space this Sunday, October 1st.

Day de Dada, the original event organized by performance artist Charlotte Moorman, is free and open to the public, beginning at 1pm with a performance at Borough Hall Park in Staten Island (10 Richmond Terrace) across the street from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

1:45pm Take part in the procession from Borough Hall Park to the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal

2pm Performances in the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal

3pm Manhattan performances in front of the Whitehall Ferry Terminal (near the New York Film Academy Cafe)

4:30pm Performances on the Ferry to Staten Island

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This Event will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 5th Avant Garden Festival, which was a 24-hour event, on the Staten Island Ferry on September 30, 1967.