Death of Classical ~ New York Philharmonic ~ Green-Wood Cemetery Present Hymn to the City




via Green-Wood Cemetery

Hymn to the City is a ground-breaking collaboration between Death of Classical, The Green-Wood Cemetery, and The New York Philharmonic—a sprawling, immersive event that pays tribute to New York’s singular spirit of resilience and renewal after a year of collective trauma, loss, and mourning.

Attendees will be taken on a journey across the Cemetery, hearing the stories of Green-Wood’s extraordinary permanent residents—many of whom are members of the New York Philharmonic community—interwoven with music, dance, and poetry. From Leonard Bernstein’s gravesite to the Hill of Graves, the Civil War Soldiers Monument to the Catacombs, we’ll remember the battles lost and won, the challenges overcome, and the boundless ingenuity, open-hearted creativity, and indomitable strength of our beloved city.

Hymn to the City will run from June 3 through June 5, 2021 located at The Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th Street, Brooklyn ~ Purchase tickets.

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