Denis Meyers: New York 2022 to open at Galerie l’Atelier on May 5th




SHARE CREATE I, Denis Meyers, 2022, 39″ x 63″. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Renowned Belgian Artist Denis Meyers will be presenting his first American exhibition “DENIS MEYERS – NYC 2022” at Galerie l’Atelier.  Born in 1979, Denis Meyers is a Belgian urban artist. He studied at the National Superior School of Arts and Visuals of la Cambre, in Brussels, city where he currently lives and works.

Denis Meyers is particularly known for his frescoes and stickers interlacing typographic elements, words, and Human Faces, which he calls his “perso”, printed and cut out by hand and then spread in the urban space. The artist defines himself as a typographer, a vocation that he inherited from his grandfather, Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002) which created among others the ensemble of the World Expo poster of 1958. It is with him that he started to write and draw every day.

Untitled II, Dennis Meyers, 2022, 39″ x 63″. Image courtesy of the gallery.

One of his milestone projects is “Remember Souvenir”, in the former headquarters of pharmaceuticals company Solvay in Bruxelles. Initially planned for a few weeks, the 18 months project led him to paint nearly 25,000 m² of an abandoned building which was going to be destructed. A pharaonic project in which the artist invested space (doors, roof, facades, windows) and posted his memories, in the form of writings and portraits. About 150 drawing notebooks, accumulated over the past twenty years, served him as the starting point of this project.  Over 20,000 visitors had the chance to see the installation before its destruction. the Video is below….

The “Meyers” style effectively de-compartmentalizes practices– drawings, performances, live-painting, video– and comes in the form of canvas paintings,  stickers as well as stencils, collages or even frescoes.
Its multidisciplinary is an asset: it consolidates the stylistic strength whose singularity is also based on an explicit affiliation with the practices of printing trades (graphic design, screen printing, typography, engraving, etc.) Imbued with urban culture (hip-hop graffiti) and popular artistic forms (comics, cinema), the art of Denis Meyers naturally infiltrates urban contexts both through free interventions (stickers, murals) and commissions through the private sector such as communication of commercial companies and participation in charitable projects. Whatever the medium and the context, the creations of Denis Meyers have an impact on a large and diversified public.

Denis Meyers: New York 2022 will be on view from May 5 through June 18, 2022, with Opening Reception (and open bar) on Thursday, May 5th from 6-8pm at Galerie l’Atelier, 520 West 23rd Street, Ground floor, under the High Line, NYC.

Also opening at Fremin Gallery ~ Daniel Diaz-Tai ‘Subconscious’.