Derrick Adams: Interior Life at Luxembourg & Dayan New York




Derrick Adams, Fireplace, Courtesy of Derrick Adams

Derrick Adams: Interior Life is an exhibition of new works, curated by Francesco Bonami. In this exhibition, Adams was inspired by a tenet of Catholic theology that describes “a life which seeks God in everything” ~ a mediation on the intimate spaces of one’s mind and home, each an analog for the other.

The exhibition includes new portraits on paper from the artist’s ongoing Deconstruction Worker series, installed on custom wallpaper depicting imaginary domestic environments. Adams’ spatial exploration of the relationship between the intimate and the infinite finds an ideal setting at Luxembourg & Dayan’s New York gallery, which resides in the second smallest townhouse in Manhattan.

Derrick Adams, Figure Walking Into the Light 23 (2018)

Adams’ artistic mission to devise spaces for his figures is advanced by a sophisticated and highly personalized architectural vocabulary. The fundamental processes and presentation strategies of architecture are important in his work: floor plans, elevations, sections, renderings, and construction all perform as developmental states in what he has described as “non-traditional aerial landscape portraits.” His Deconstruction Worker series consists of deftly collaged, kaleidoscopically geometric human figures that appear to live in concurrent states of atomization and coalescence. These angular constructed images of urban dwellers and the worlds that surround—and shape and reflect—their daily lives, suggest that human beings’ carefully created physical environments are replete with the invisible force of the soul.

Derrick Adams: Interior Life, curated by Francesco Bonami, will be on view from February 26 through April 20, 2019 at Luxembourg & Dayan, 64 East 77th Street. Opening Reception will be held on February 26 from 6-8pm.

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