Dream Machine: Dandara Arrives in Tribeca Park




Dream Machine: Dandara (2019), by artist Rubem Robierb in Tribeca Park

“Imagine yourself between these wings, close your eyes, and make a wish! See yourself traveling to the place your dreams will come true!”…. artist, Rubem Robierg. The new installation, Dream Machine: Dandara is on view in Tribeca Park.

Artist, Rubem Robierb named this sculpture after Dandara, a trans woman killed by violence, who along with many others from the LGBTQ community, dreamed to be treated with dignity and respect.

Rubem Robierg, Dream Machine: Dandara (2019)

“The odds are stacked against them, and only courage and determination can free them to create, reinvent and express their inner self.”

“This is a monument to the dreamers, the ones who live and die making the impossible happen.” ~ Rubem Robierb.

The historic American Thread Company overlooking Tribeca Park

Robem Robierb’s ‘Dream Machine: Dandara‘ will be on view through May 4, 2020 in Tribeca Park, Across from the historic American Thread Company building, located at the intersection of West Broadway and Sixth Avenue.

The artist’s paintings, prints and a smaller scale sculptures are currently on view at Tagliatella Galleries, 229 Tenth Avenue, NYC.

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