DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk ~ March 2nd




Image courtesy ArtInDumbo

Art in DUMBO has announced that DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk will take place on March 2, 2023, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Highlights from March’s Gallery Walk are four one-night-only special events including an evening of performances of sound, poetry, and dance taking place within the group exhibition at New York Studio School Projects @ DUMBO; an artist talk with Mandy Cano Villalobos at Main Window; and celebrating International Women’s Month: the Opening Reception of En La Lucha at Cuban Art Space and Light Year digital projections from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. on the Manhattan Bridge.

Mandy Cano Villalobos, to Tire of Grace (detail). Courtesy of Main Window

An Insider’s Tour is available free and open to the public from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Registration is required. This month’s tour will visit and hear from experts at the following exhibitions:

  • Meet 6:00 p.m. Cuban Art Space En La Lucha at 20 Jay Street, 301
  • 6:20 p.m. New York Studio School Projects @ DUMBO Container Shift at 20 Jay Street, 307
  • 6:30 p.m. A.I.R. Gallery at 155 Plymouth Street
  • 6:50 p.m. Light Year projections on the Manhattan Bridge

On the first Thursday of every month, DUMBO’s galleries stay open late for a night of art, gallery openings, artist talks, and live performance. Visitors enjoy incredible views of the East River and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges as they walk along the waterfront from one gallery to the next and can enjoy local drink specials at DUMBO stalwart Superfine. Free and open to the public.

Image courtesy ArtInDumbo

A.I.R. Gallery (155 Plymouth St) presents three solo exhibitions:

Ellyn Weiss Rage Births Riot presents a new body of work, including paintings in dye, ink, and spray enamel on raw canvas from Ellyn Weiss. The series was begun in the fall of 2021, immediately after the Supreme Court allowed the Texas abortion ban to take effect; it reflects the artist’s continuing rage at this unprincipled attack on the basic human rights of American women and their families. The rawness of the work matches the rawness of the anger. On view through March 12, 2023.

Lauren Simkin Berke Travelogue presents a new body of mixed media work on paper, in both flat and folded forms from Lauren Simkin Berke. Begun during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series follows two people as they travel, at first to known places, and then to places created from the artist’s imagination. Travelogue explores the capacity of the human mind to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time—and to find a way to travel the world while a pandemic has us all stuck in one place. On view through March 12, 2023.

Lauren Simkin Berke, The Gardens (detail), 2021, Watercolor and ink. Courtesy of A.I.R. Gallery

Bonam Kim GOOD JOB WELL DONE is an exhibition of sculptures by New York Member Bonam Kim. In the eight works on view, Kim constructs miniatures of spaces that she has inhabited, including her Brooklyn apartment, the South Korean classroom of her childhood, and the embassy office where she had to renew her visa during the pandemic. By manipulating scale and taking a bird’s eye view perspective, Kim reclaims power over the past and present, and invites the viewer to navigate the psychological space of her experiences and memories. On view through March 12, 2023.

Cuban Art Space (20 Jay Street) presents group exhibition En La Lucha featuring over 20 artists, dedicated to Cuban women artists. The gallery will also showcase textiles, vintage posters and books from Cuba. Opening Reception, March 2 6-8pm. On view through April 1, 2023.

Empire Stores (55 Water Street) and West Chelsea Contemporary present PhoebeNewYork, a solo exhibition featuring over thirty new mixed-media collage works by the artist Libby Schoettle. New York-based artist Schoettle’s alter ego, PhoebeNewYork, comes to life through collages comprising found objects including vintage fashion magazine pages, old photographs and books, record sleeves, and pop art. Phoebe, a paper-doll like character with a distinctly round pink head and bob haircut, grapples with femininity, sexual politics, love, and independence. Schoettle reveals her own vulnerability, raw emotion, and witty observations through Phoebe’s provocative and relatable statements.

Image courtesy ArtInDumbo

Higher Pictures Generation (One Main Street) presents Letha Wilson Folds and Faults. The Landscape Objects on view continue Wilson’s exploration of the interlocking relationships between sculpture, photography, and our natural environment. The sculptures are made from a carefully limited set of materials: a metal plate hinged with industrial fabric provides the substrate for foliage, stone, earth, and sky photographed in color. Wilson’s photographs, printed onto cut sheets of copper, steel, or brass, are made to fold and bend in countless ways. On view through March 4, 2023.

Janet Borden, Inc. (91 Water Street) presents Alfred Leslie Hoboken Oval…and more, an exhibition that combines Leslie’s Hoboken Ovals painting with his groundbreaking Pixel Scores.This is an eclectic show, including abstract work from 1957, up through Leslie’s Pixel Scores from 2021. A legendary artist for seven decades, this is Alfred Leslie’s fourth exhibition with the gallery. On view through March 25, 2023.

Klompching Gallery (89 Water Street) presents Winter Salon a group exhibition featuring a selection of its favorite artworks from the gallery inventory. On view through March 24, 2023.

Zaida DelRio, Untitled, 2001. Serigraph Print, Artist Proof. Courtesy of Cuban Art Space.

 Light Year (Manhattan Bridge Archway) presents Light Year 95: Interdependence and Coliberation. The artists included in the evening (with one exception) identify as women and/or non binary makers. The works offer a variety of perspectives, including from established and emerging artists, international and immigrant artists, and straight and LGBTQ artists. The invited artists represent diverse communities that are reflected in New York City. Curated by Tusia Dabrowska. On view for one night only.

Main Window (1 Main Street) presents Mandy Cano Villalobos To Tire of Grace, a site-specific performance/installation that explores motherwork. Artist Mandy Cano Villalobos sits alone in a tightly enclosed display case before a trough of domestic detritus. She meticulously sorts through discarded toys, underoos, kitchen utensils, clothing scraps, plastic jewelry, broken gadgets, and candy wrappers, threading each item onto long, thin cords. Following the performance, Villalobos will install her finished cords in Main Window, resulting in a sacrosanct homage to domestic struggle. On view through April 27, 2023.

MINUS SPACE (16 Main Street) presents Cris Gianakos: Works on Mylar 1983-1989, a two-part solo exhibition featuring mid- and large-format artworks by the esteemed NYC-based artist. This is Gianakos’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. On view through March 25, 2023.

New York Studio School Projects @ DUMBO (20 Jay Street, 307)  presents Container Shift, an evening of performances of sound, poetry, and dance taking place within a group exhibition of sculpture, video, and drawing. Many of the performers also have work in the show. On view through March 19, 2023.

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