East Village Art View ~ Reception on Wednesday, May 16th



James R. Stover “No justice, no peace” 2018

Art Collection NYC presents East Village Art View ~ selected artworks in mixed-media from artists working in and around New York City.

Margaret Zox Brown “I can! Can I?” 2017

Represented artists include Greta Watson, Ava Day, John Kuchera, Mary Ann Kuchera. Kathleen Kuchera, Yonko Kuchera, Gladys Perez, Hans Wolf, Benjamin Casiano, Wayne Lucina, Margaret Zox Brown, Kristin Gambell, James R. Stover, Julia Justo, Danielle Charette, Sue Karnet.

Kathleen M. Kuchera “Split” 2017

East Village Art View Cocktail Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 16th, 111 Third Avenue #15H, at 14th Street and Third Avenue. RSVP required at sales@artcollection.nyc or call 646-750-6184.