ECLIPSE: Out From The Shadows @ Allouche Gallery



As the moon passed in front of the sun, creating a black orb for all who watched, artist Jessica Lichtenstein layed down a parallel from folklore, with the moon (as feminine), obstructing the sun (masculine)  ~  simulating a women’s movement.  And so began a new body of work entitled, ECLIPSE: Out From The Shadows, on view at Allouche Gallery.

Using black, gold and pearl silhouettes that resemble Japanese woodblock prints of blossoming Bonsai trees, female bodies are contorted into unique positions within the flowers. “The hyper-sexualized physiques are faceless, alluding to the male gaze’s tendency to reduce women to their bodily parts.”  “But for Lichtenstein, these women are in the midst of a revolution.” “These women are emerging from the shadows and revealing themselves, revealing their stories.” A message that seems right on point in today’s cultural and political environment, ~ an entre into Women’s History Month.

In this new series, the artist pays tribute to the “female form’s extensive art historical precedent, as their teeming abundance hints at a highly anticipated uprising.”

ECLIPSE: Out From The Shadows ~ Works by Jessica Lichtenstein, will be on view March 1st, at Allouche Gallery,  82 Gansevoort Street, across from The Whitney Museum of Art, in the historic Meatpacking District. Opening Reception on Thursday, March 1 from 6-9pm.