El Barrio’s Guerrilla Wall Speaking to Issues on the Minds of its Community




Welcome to The Guerrilla Wall

HART: The Harlem Art Collective is the creative force behind The Guerrilla Gallery, located on 116th Street in El Barrio. In a community with a history of welcoming immigrants, local artists use the wall, located between second and Third Avenues, to address pressing issues of our times ~ local, national and international.  This month, they had a lot to say.

Join us as we visit the Harlem Art Collective’s Summer Wall Exhibition.

In an age where words and images matter, HART distills its colorful visual messages into a few panels, confronting viewers with serious subjects, and creating discussion on social and political issues close to the heart of its community.

Just to the left of Malcolm X (in the image above), the artist Rashida Stewart aka  @rashida_goddess pays tribute to the Central Park Five #Exonerated.

A tribute to Jakelin vy Rafael Gama

Local artists will continue to add to the Gallery Wall throughout the summer. Above, a tribute by @killertaco666 to Jakelin Caal, the first child to die as a result of our border policy.

If you had something to say, you were invited  to join the Paint Jam held in June, 2019.. Artist’s as young as age 5 helped to created the summer Wall. Portrait in the image above was painted by Tomer Linaje aka @tomerlinaje, an artist visiting from Mexico City.

Malcolm X ~ Denise Oliver

Images of Harlem’s revolutionary past (above) with Malcolm X and Young Lords Party, Denise Oliver by artists @nailsbyshani, @rashida, and @dgaleart. To the right of Denise Oliver and the #6 train, find a piece created by visiting artist @freeorlando, hailing from San Jose, California.

Above, @freeorlando and@adambomb.nyc.

HART goes beyond the Gallery Wall, extending their creativity to visiting tourists by way of The HART House ~ an Airbnb renting two rooms in an art-filled, five-bedroom apartment, and using the proceeds to fund free art workshops for local artists. It’s a chance for tourists to see El Barrio ‘not like a tourist.’

The Guerrilla Wall is located on 116th Street between Second and Third Avenues in East Harlem. Stop by ~ you may find an artist at work.

Now, a few words for undocumented students in our community.

We were contacted by a San Francisco organization that provides undocumented students and their families with the tools needed to make well-informed decisions about their education. In reading their literature, it was clear that much of the same information would be helpful to our community. Quoting from our friends at AccreditedSchoolsOnline,

“The education of the youth population has a direct impact on the wellbeing of its economy, health, and prosperity. This holds true around the nation; however, roughly 65,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high school each year, and only 10,000 enroll in college. In addition, even fewer than that graduate, despite the numerous resources available to help these students.”

“To lift up this population, and all our communities in turn, AccreditedSchoolsOnline has curated a series of open-use guides dedicated to fostering undocumented, academic collegiate success. These guides contain a bounty of information for undocumented students on core topics including financial aid, student and constitutional rights, DACA legislation, and more sources of legal support and advocacy.”

The information presented in these guides can start a student well on their path to success. We hope you will find them helpful.

DACA Repeal Overview

How to Support Undocumented Students

Promoting Student Diversity

Inclusive Community Colleges 

ESL Resources