El Barrio’s Guerrilla Wall Speaking to Issues on the Minds of its Community ~ Harlem Art Collective (HART)




Welcome to The Guerrilla Wall

HART: The Harlem Art Collective is the creative force behind The Guerrilla Gallery, located on 116th Street in El Barrio. In a community with a history of welcoming immigrants, local artists use the wall, located between second and Third Avenues, to address pressing issues of our times ~ local, national and international.  This month, they had a lot to say.

Join us as we visit the Harlem Art Collective’s Summer Wall Exhibition.

In an age where words and images matter, HART distills its colorful visual messages into a few panels, confronting viewers with serious subjects, and creating discussion on social and political issues close to the heart of its community.

Just to the left of Malcolm X (in the image above), the artist Rashida Stewart aka  @rashida_goddess pays tribute to the Central Park Five #Exonerated.

A tribute to Jakelin vy Rafael Gama

Local artists will continue to add to the Gallery Wall throughout the summer. Above, a tribute by @killertaco666 to Jakelin Caal, the first child to die as a result of our border policy.

If you had something to say, you were invited  to join the Paint Jam held in June, 2019.. Artist’s as young as age 5 helped to created the summer Wall. Portrait in the image above was painted by Tomer Linaje aka @tomerlinaje, an artist visiting from Mexico City.

Malcolm X ~ Denise Oliver

Images of Harlem’s revolutionary past (above) with Malcolm X and Young Lords Party, Denise Oliver by artists @nailsbyshani, @rashida, and @dgaleart. To the right of Denise Oliver and the #6 train, find a piece created by visiting artist @freeorlando, hailing from San Jose, California.

Above, @freeorlando and@adambomb.nyc.

HART goes beyond the Gallery Wall, extending their creativity to visiting tourists by way of The HART House ~ an Airbnb renting two rooms in an art-filled, five-bedroom apartment, and using the proceeds to fund free art workshops for local artists. It’s a chance for tourists to see El Barrio ‘not like a tourist.’

The Guerrilla Wall is located on 116th Street between Second and Third Avenues in East Harlem. Stop by ~ you may find an artist at work.

HART – The Guerrilla Wall 2018.

HART – The Guerrilla Wall 2017.

Keeping an Eye on The Guerrilla Wall.