Elan Cadiz brings the SCAFFOLD Project to Kente Royal Gallery, Harlem




Elan Cadiz, Self-Portrait for The Scaffold Project

As New Yorkers begin to step out, it’s worth reflecting on the year behind us, and what we latched on to, and kept us sane, while we were ‘at home.’ It was during the pandemic that we first learned of artist Elan Cadiz and theĀ Scaffold Project ~ exploring equality and tolerance in our homes, communities and in the world at large. This month, Kente Royal Gallery opened its doors to Elan Cadiz and her thoughtful project documenting memories, lessons learned, relationships, and the most important part of her project ~ people, during this very difficult time.

Scaffold: Equity of Treatment is about the importance of self-reflection and preservation, and how these very important practices need to be manifested through equitable treatment in our homes, communities and world. The use of the scaffolding is to symbolize the individual care and support we all need. It is in this way that the artist hopes to encourage discussions on self-reflection, self-love, and practice in deciphering what we need as individuals, finding ways our systems of support can better meet these needs.

Elan Cadiz, sketches for the Scaffold Project

Cadiz sees the Scaffold project as a kind of visual spiritual alchemy that challenges the viewer and subject to see themselves as a universal being made up of their experiences and understanding. The scaffold serves as a form of protection and support. It symbolizes the relationship between consciousness and matter within self. When we know ourselves and the kind of support we need, we can better ask what we require from the world in order to bring satisfaction and harmony to ourselves and others.

Elan Cadiz: The Scaffold Project

Scaffold: Equity of Treatment is a collection of mixed-media moments, memories, lessons, understandings, relationships. Elan Cadiz celebrates relationships using diverse personal self-portraits received from participants. Every portrait is a reflection of how the subject sees themselves.

Elan Cadiz, SCAFFOLD Project. Images courtesy of the artist

“I’ve completed 167 portraits and if I could, I would make a portrait of everyone in the world, because we all deserve support.”…. Elan Cadiz. She goes on to say, “In the words of Octavia Butler, ‘Consider ~ We are born, Not with purpose, But with potential’ and potential with the right support can become greatness. The only thing that ever made America great was its people.”…. Elan Cadiz.

Elan Cadiz: The Scaffold Project

SCAFFOLD: Equity of Treatment by artist Elan Cadiz will be on view from May 2 through May 30, 2021 at Kente Royal Gallery, 2373 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, at 139th Street, NYC. The Gallery is open Wednesday ~ Friday, 2-8pm and Saturday & Sunday from Noon to 8pm.

With Mothers Day approaching, we thought we’d throw in Elan Cadiz’s image, Mom, from the exhibit, At Home.

Elan , Mom 2,,2018; mixed media; 27 x 31 in. Image courtesy of the artist ~ in the exhibition, At Home, from her series ‘An American Family Album’ on view at Living With Art Salon.

Check out Elan Cadiz in the group exhibition, Form, Paper, Scissors at Living With Art Salon in 2020; and most recently, the exhibit, At Home (still on view), at Living With Art Salon.

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