Exhibition, DREAMstate to Open at GR Gallery




Joseph Lee

GR Gallery will open its doors to “DREAMstate”, featuring artists Joseph Lee, Erik Mark Sandberg, Dennis Osadebe and Joshua Vides in a fresh, groundbreaking group exhibition. The show puts together 20 pieces, including paintings, works on papers and installations. The title is inspired by the unique creative energy that connects the four artists, able to forge, through different visions and techniques, an oneiric reality that misleads our visual realm, offering unique interpretations, in a surrealistic key, of different aspect of nowadays society and lifestyle.

Dennis Osadebe

DREAMstate” aims to exhibit the exclusive artistic approach of these four internationally known and trendsetting talents that are bringing new vitality into a specific technical and aesthetical idea, through the use of patterns, optical illusions, decontextualized images and ambiguous imaginaries that lead toward the creation of a new dimension. The strong familiarity of this with actual reality will destabilize the viewer, throwing him in a confused state of deja vu’. Solid bold lines, illusive interiors, surrealistic figures, hypnotic arrangements, thick brushstrokes, subconscious revelations and visual puzzling, will channel their energy into a clean and dreamy form that affects the whole environment, able to immerse the spectator into a dreamlike atmosphere.

Joseph Lee

All the works included in “DREAMstate” have been created especially for this show and will be the first time the artists has exhibited together in New York City. In his thick palette compositions, Joseph Lee moves the restless subconscious energy on his models faces, transforming it in eerie, yet attractive, portraits. Dennis Osadebe sets his scenes in familiar environments undercut by pop-bright colors, discrepant masks and other hints of a chimerical status; while Erik Mark Sandberg paintings, populated by oneiric creatures-human hybrid, painted in neon colors, clearly speaks about different conscious states, and Joshua Vides illusive pieces will trick the eye of the viewer, playing with its perception of depth and color and redesign everyday objects in a fanciful way.

Erik Mark Sandberg

DREAMstate will be on view from September 12 through October 12, 2019 with Opening Reception on Thursday, September 12th from 6-9pm. GR Gallery is located at 255 Bowery, between Houston and Stanton Streets, NYC. Please RSVP for Opening Reception.