‘Feminine Constructs’ opens at North of History



Artist, Lizzy Lunday

Feminine Constructs, works by Lizzy Lunday and Maura Martin depict female identity and sexuality in America in a new exhibit opening on June 28th at North of History.

Artist, Maria Martin

Lunday focuses her work on the female body and the role that structured representation plays in informing female identity. Her intimate contemporary portraiture aims to capture the thoughts, feelings and instinctive relatability of women.

Artist, Lizzy Lunday

Martin focuses on exploring feminism and sexuality in American culture by way of installations containing soft sculpture. Her work questions gender stereotypes and creates awareness for sexual abuse in our society.

Both Lunday and Martin are MFA graduates of Pratt Institute.

The exhibit, Feminine Constructs, will be on view through July 18, 2018 at North of History Gallery, 445 Columbus Avenue at 81st Street.  Opening Reception, Thursday, June 28th from 6-9pm.