‘Figuratively: Real and Imagined’ to Open at Living with Art in November





Artist Stephanie Mulvihill. Image courtesy Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon.

Living with Art Salon will open its doors to the exhibition, ‘Figuratively: Real and Imagined,’ where art explores the figurative work created by four New York-based female artists.

Each artist renders the body differently ~ at times, literally, and often figuratively, expressing fantasies and emotions often in response to social norms that inherently compromise the day-to-day existence of women.

Mural and artworks on side wall and back wall by Amy Chaiklin. Image courtesy Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon

Participating artists include:

Amy Chaiklin paints the female figure to celebrate and empower women. Her series, Goddesses depicts women as the saviors of our planet. We find ourselves in her work ~ literally and figuratively. Her Cultured Pearls Portraits Project is an ongoing series of more than 200 paintings on paper celebrating artists, curators, including the curator of this exhibition, and artworks colleagues that have made an impression on the artist and her work.

Artist Yvonne Lamar-Rogers on the mantle and Artist Stephanie Mulvihill painting on the wall for the art exhibition Figuratively: Real and Imagined. Image courtesy Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon.

Yvonne Lamar-Rogers is a mixed-media artist reinventing her practice to discover a new technique in order to tell a story. Creating began at home, making doll clothes from the scraps of fabric her mother, an expert seamstress, gave her to work with. She casts her own hands in order to create the installation ‘Creative Reflections‘, which was re-worked to create a second installation titled ‘Poems.’ For this exhibition, the body of work will take on a new presence by interacting with the drawings by Stephanie Mulvihill and the interior architecture and space.

Paintings by Artist Cinzia Meneghello – ‘Blue’. Image courtesy Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon.

Cinzia Meneghello is a painter and illustrator inspired by her own imagination. The boundaries between spirituality and the collective unconscious are often blurred. Her figurative works on paper shed light on the feminine, her own experience, and dreams. Like Chaikin’s goddesses, Meneghello has created imaginary characters, but hers are ‘fairy tale like’ and inquisitive, exploring the world to discover a place to coexist with other creatures.

Artist Stephanie Mulvihill. Image courtesy Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon.

Stephanie Mulvihill is an artist and art educator working primarily with graphite on paper. She is drawn to the papers tactile surface and impermanent quality. Her drawings are part of the larger tradition of investigation and analysis of our interior and exterior environments, with a connection to the past as well as an examination of the present. Her current series of drawings uses the body as a storytelling device to process personal tragedies and moments of shared experience. The body is a lens to investigate the connection of our individual stories to those of our ancestors, and of the comfort we find in our shared histories.

The exhibition ‘Figuratively: Real and Imagined’ curated by Connie Lee opens at Living with Art Salon on November 1. Image courtesy of the Gallery.

Figuratively: Real and Imagined curated by Connie Lee will be on view from November 1, 2022 to January 2, 2023 at Living with Art Salon. Email for timed entry.

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Figuratively: Real and Imagined at Living with Art Salon. Image courtesy Connie Lee/Living with Art Salon

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