Ford Foundation JustFilms Presents ‘A Town Called Victoria’ on June 6th




Image courtesy Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

Hours after the 2017 “Muslim travel ban” was announced, a mosque in Victoria, Texas erupted in flames. This three-part docuseries chronicles the town, its residents, and complex history as a quiet community reckons with the deep rifts that incited this hate crime. Episode 1 will be presented ahead of a fall broadcast on PBS by JustFilms at Ford Foundation on June 6th.

JustFilms Presents! Join Ford Foundation for this four-part, weekly showcase of JustFilms funded documentaries. With depth, humor and complexity, these documentary films offer critical insights into the stories, places and experiences that shape a nation mapping out its future while still grappling with its past. With all filmmakers attending and post-screening conversations moderated by celebrated cultural critics including Salamishah Tillet, J Wortham and Dessane Lopez Cassell.

Ford Foundation JustFilms will present ‘A Town Called Victoria’ on Tuesday, June 6th from 5:30 to 8:00pm at Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, 320 East 43rd Street, NYC.

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