Form, Paper, Scissors on view at Living with Art Salon




Artist Jannie Crimmins (left) surrounded by the etherial creations of Gina Fuentes Walker. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Living with Art Salon opened its doors to its third exhibition ~ Form, Paper Scissors ~ a group show featuring four female artists, each with a unique way of celebrating the art of paper.

Closeup of sculpture work by Vivianne Rombaldi Seppey. Photo credit: Jillian Leigh.

The four artists, Elan Cadiz, Jaynie Crimmins, Vivianne Rombaldi Seppey and Gina Fuentes Walker, use paper is a plethora of ways with an equally varied focus. Repurposing to highlight consumerism and waste (shades of Rev Billy); taking pen to paper, creating portraits of those we hold dear; through maps, books & photos, exploring the world and our place in it; and delicate cut-outs made from images of home and place.

Artist, Vivianne Rombaldi Seppey. Image courtesy of the gallery

As different as the artwork is, the common thread of the inherent beauty of paper and the way each artist choses to work with it, creates a life story of four artists, blending beautifully on the gallery walls.

Artist Viviane Rombaldi Seppey and Jaynie Crimmins. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Jaynie Crimmins repurposes catalogs, solicitations, and safety envelopes in her quest to explore consumerism and waste. The break-down, or spreading of these repetitive mailings become her “intimate sculptural reliefs” …. bringing “surface and texture and reshaping the message.” The artist will tell you that she was inspired by her grandparents Eastern European apartment, and natural reuse of everything from discarded clothing which became crocheted rugs, old curtains became aprons, and leftovers became ingredients for new meals.

Closeup of pages from phone book interspersed within a framed piece by Viviane Rombaldi Seppey. Image courtesy of the gallery.

In the exhibition, Form, Paper, Scissors, Crimmins displays creations from two of her major series ~ ‘In Search of Beauty’ and ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost.’

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey. Image courtesy of the gallery

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, born in Switzerland and of Italian descent, she uses the art of paper to explore the narrative of place with the crafting of maps, phonebooks, books, and photographs, the artist explores a sense of home, as she reflects on each of us and our specific place in the world. “Part of my work is done with objects that physically and culturally reflect my own transplantation.”

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey’s Vessels, woven from maps of different cities. Below the Vessels, the work of Jaynie Crimmins. ¬†Image courtesy of the gallery

In this exhibition, Rombaldi Seppey delights viewers with various artistic forms from her ‘Breathe In’ and ‘Ruminate’ series to ‘Nature,’ each as different as points on a map.

From L-R, Vivianne Rombaldi Seppey, with works by Gina Fuentes Waker floating around a larger round piece by Jaynie Crimmins. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Gina Fuentes Walker creates photo and paper cut-out and silhouette installations from Plexiglas, color transparencies, less translucent card stock and kraft paper. Many of the images used in her work were taken from photographs in parks in and around her neighborhood.

The delicate, ethereal paper cutouts in this exhibition are placed as if floating in air ~ as a butterfly coming in for a slow landing. The artist will say that the process of cutting becomes a meditation.

Elan Cadiz, Portraits. Image courtesy of the gallery

Elan Cadiz takes pen/pencil to paper, documenting her personal narrative through historical imagery. Here viewers will be introduced to people who have played a key role in the artists life ~ at their core, seeming so familiar.

In this exhibition, Cadiz displays work from her Scaffold Project ~ exploring equality and tolerance ¬†~ in our homes, communities and in the world at large. This project originated during the current pandemic, throwing light on issues affecting us all. The project’s name ~ Scaffold ~ is a symbol of the individual care and support we all need. The artist will be accepting commissions to paint portraits throughout the duration of this exhibition.

Form, Paper, Scissors is on view by appointment to mid-January, 2021 at Living with Art Salon, located in a brownstone in the historic Mount Morris Park District of Harlem. Contact for a socially distanced appointment. Face masks required.

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