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The statewide NY PopsUp! Initiative—designed to revitalize the arts and entertainment sector of New York—will culminate this summer on Little Island.

NYC FREE, curated by Mikki Shepard, celebrates the creativity of New York City’s artists and the resilient spirit of all its people with four weeks of free live performances at Little Island. With performances occurring throughout the park every week, come and enjoy shows of innovative dance, experimental music, interactive poetry, late-night comedy, and more!

All events are free. Free tickets are required for all performances in The Amph. Timed Entry Reservations are required for park entry after 12:00 PM.

Ticket Reservations for the Month Now Live

Read more about ‘Little Island’ the project on Pier 55.


The Heartbeat of A City Hosted by Mahogany L. Browne; Presented by Urban Word/NYC

Check out “The Heartbeat of a City” Four national youth poet laureates reimagine the next New York, hosted by Mahogany L. Browne; Presented by urban Word/NYC on Saturday, September 11th at 8pm (rain date September 12th). Another Free Event.

“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power.” So said the famed poet and teacher Paul Engle. Now, four brilliant young poets—Meera Dasgupta, Alexandra Huynh, Kara Jackson, and Jellystone Robinson-Frazier—will display that powerful definition for us all. These National Youth Poet Laureates will be bringing their beautiful verses to Little Island on September 11, 2021, for an evening that reflects on our country’s recent challenges from 9/11 to Covid, reminds us of the resiliency that got us through, and reassures us that the future of our country and our planet are in the hands of brilliant young thinkers and doers.

Tickets Here.

Get on your feet! September 15th through September 19th for an inaugural Dance Festival! Co-curated by Little Island Artist-in-Residence, Ayodele Casel and long-time collaborator Torya Beard, this festival will fill our park with a breathtaking variety of beats, tempos, and percussive dance forms from all over the world, from tap to traditional, from contemporary Indian dance to African drumming.

Little Island Artist-in-Residence, co-curated by Ayodele Casel and Torya Beard.

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