Galerie l’Atelier + Fremin Gallery present ‘Paris Wanderlust’




Jean-Luc Olezak, Le Pont des Arts, Paris, 2006, Silver Gelatin Print. Image courtesy of the gallery.

For all those who love Paris, you won’t want to miss Galerie l’Atelier, in partnership with Fremin Gallery, in its presentation of Paris Wanderlust. Each artist in this group exhibition brings the city to life, capturing their most treasured places. Here, the gallery describes this pictorial adventure.

Through her pinhole calotypes, Tricia Rosenkilde creates a distorted and impressionist universe from the Paris landmarks and lesser known places. In her work, suddenly the Arc de Triomphe seems to be animated, walking towards us as she opens up our usual perspective to a new dimension. With Jehsong Baak, we enter a more intimate and personal relation to the city that he adopted and we reach out to these characters crossing his works. With Michel Giniès, and Jean-Luc Olezak, we look at two more humanist views of the Paris from the 60’s through today and we rediscover the city we love. Night photography and Architecture is represented with Nicolas Auvray “Night Attractions” giving us a sense of being invited to walk through these scenes like on movie stages.

Rain, Jehsong Baak, Silver Gelatin Print 20×24″, framed 26×30″. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Jehsong Baak featured collection is from his first monograph, “Là ou Ailleurs”. Baak has lived in various places, but was drawn to the autonomy he felt in France. Baak’s work is represented in numerous private and public collections, notably the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. Baak was also the guest of honor for the 2011 edition of Paris Photo at the Grand Palais.

Walking Giant (the Arch of Triumph), 2020, Tricia Rosenkilde,
Cyanotype print from a pinhole calotype (paper negative) 29×41″, framed 33×45. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Tricia Rosenkilde’s platinum/palladium printing and Cyanotype photographs capture images of Paris and the chateaux and gardens of the region through an old world camera obsura/pinhole photographic process. Influenced by Pictorialist approach, Long exposures and unusual angles of view result in timeless and expressive qualities and change one’s perception of classic Parisian scenes.

floods, Ile Saint Louis 2002, MICHEL GINIES, Silver Gelatin print by the Artist, framed 16×21″. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Alongside his work as a photo-reporter, French Photographer Michel Giniès has also built a wide portfolio of celebrity portraits in France and abroad. Giniès uses his extensive knowledge of black and white photography to create a sense of nostalgia in his viewers that they never knew they had. In his work Giniès engages with his surroundings in the light of their authenticity and picturesque candidness. He has been a long time lover of both New York and Paris using both cities as a playground for inspiration and creation.

The Heart of Paris, 2016, NICOLAS AUVRAY, 40″ x 55″. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Nicolas Auvray relies on traditional photographic materials to capture the extraordinary atmosphere of tangible realities. Whilst stopping for a moment, he tries to reveal something almost nonexistent in scenes that will stimulate or highlight ones senses, emotions and past experiences.

Jean-Luc Olezak is a French photographer born in Poland. He has been working in photography for 30 years and is currently based in Tours. Olezak allows his background in Polish and French culture to heavily influence his style of photography. In the words of Marc Rebound, “Jean-Luc Olezak’s photographs surprise us. This lonely walker can make us see the unusual and poetic in the common settings of scenes of everyday. He has always this surprised look on Paris, like a Polish in France or a French in Poland.”

One notable and very rare common point however is the analog medium used by all these artists. All works shown are originals, printed by the photographer : Silver gelatin prints, except for the Platinum and cyanotypes hand printed by Rosenkilde

Galerie l’Atelier, Paris Wanderlust will be on view from Thursday, January 14th through Saturday, February 27, 2021, with reception to be held on January 14th from 6-8pm with rsvp: Paris Wanderlust can also be found online at Artsy.

Also in the Gallery, Inkyeong Bank, solo exhibition Happy Hour.

Galerie l’Atelier x Fremin Gallery is located at 520 West 23rd Street, on the ground floor under the High Line, NYC.

  • Following CDC guidelines, the Gallery will be practicing social distancing, with 20 people allowed inside at any given time, Face masks required and hand sanitizer provided at entrance.