Geometric Abstraction, the Works of David Paul Kay + Mher Khachatryan at Fremin Gallery




DAVID PAUL KAY “Empire of the Sun” Acrylic on Wood 51″ Diameter 2021

Fremin Gallery will open its doors to the exhibition, ‘Geometric Abstraction’, featuring the works of Georgian artist David Paul Kay and Armenian artist Mher Khachatryan on January 19th as its first exhibition in 2023.

MHER KHACHATRYAN “In the Smoke” Oil on Canvas 48 “x 24 2020

Armenian born and New York based artist Mher Khachatryan’s interests lie within the beauty of smoke and fire. Mher began expressing himself artistically at the young age of five. His artistic education commenced at the Art School of Hakob Kodjoyan during early adolescence. Mher proceeded to earn his BFA with a specialization in painting and drawing at the Panos Terlemezyan College of Fine Arts, and his MFA at the Academy Of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia.

Just as human life is marked by nuance and transformation, so is the movement of smoke. Inspired by smoke’s lack of uniformity, Khachatryan sought to represent the volatility of life through uneven patterns of flowing smoke. His brushstrokes are constantly deviating; through these intentional variations Khachatryan is also depicting the beauty of differences. As a religiously identifying person, the artist attempts to depict the lessons of inclusivity, love, and acceptance through this concept.

DAVID PAUL KAY “Frida” Mixed Media on Canva” 60″ x 40″ 2022

David Paul Kay is a New York City-based American contemporary artist.

Using vibrant lines, shapes and intricate compositions David transforms blank surfaces into complex yet simple to read narratives. Kay’s obsession with detail, the versatility of scale, and perspective lead to the creation of hundreds of his drawings, paintings, murals, and sculptures.

Originally from Eastern Europe (former Soviet Republic of Georgia), David migrated to the United States in 2008. As a self-taught artist, Kay has always experimented with various different techniques; though his career evolved soon after moving to New York City in early 2009 and developing his signature monochromatic style.

David Paul Kay is a co co-founder of “theark“, an artist residency program based in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together African and Non-African members of creative community.

Geometric Abstraction featuring the works of David Paul Kay and Mher Khachatryan will be on view January 19th, with Opening Reception at 6:00pm. Fremin Gallery is located 520 West 23rd Street, NYC.