Human Connection Arts Moves Body Painting into 2020 With the Theme ‘Vision’ ~ July 25th



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Human Connection Arts was launched in 2017, born from the days when Andy Golub, its founder, painted freely in the streets of New York City.

Now, the nonprofit ~ true to its mission of forming unique connections between artist and model during body painting ~ focuses on the vulnerabilities between models and artists, creating significant impact on artist, models and the public, as they strive to build a world where all people are accepted, regardless of race, gender, size, shape, age and even political views.

COVID-19 Update ~ The 7th Annual NYC Bodypainting Day Event is happening on July 25th at Noon in Times Square. All models, staff & volunteers will be wearing masks; painting stations will be placed six-feet apart; hand sanitizer available to participants. Follow on the Facebook Event Page. Join Human Connection Arts for live painting from Noon to 4:00pm and a march to Central Park from 4:00-4:30pm.

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The Theme for 2020 is ‘Vision‘. Andy Golub will be creating a series of his Human Canvas Paintings this Winter. Groups of models form their bodies together to become one huge painting. Paintings will take place on weekends in December and January in a Bushwick, Brooklyn studio. Sign up today!

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Let’s look back at what Human Connection Arts brought to New York City in 2019.

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June 15, 2019 ~ A Protest Against Divisiveness. Hundreds of nude models will march down Broadway, each with their own painted message-on them, from 42nd Street (Times Square) to 23rd Street. Event from Noon to 3:30pm. Follow on the Facebook Event Page.

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June 22nd ~ Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, the most colorful parade in the world!

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June 30th ~ 2019 PrideFest. This year, Human Connection Arts will join World Pride 2019 and Stonewall50.

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July 20th ~ NYC Bodypainting Day! For the sixth annual event, NYC Bodypainting Day will be held in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Want to take part in the Event? And follow on the Facebook Event Page.

September 11th ~ HCA Returns to Washington Square Park on 9/11. For the 2nd strait year, HCA will cover the grounds of Washington Square Park with chalk art as NYC celebrates its freedom of expression on this historic day. Once again, the theme of the drawings are “Creative Expression.” The idea is that on 9/11 (or any other day) exercising our freedom of expression is a form of patriotism. We must never give up our right to express ourselves (even if it is unpopular). And we should stop and appreciate the freedoms that we have. Note ~ there is a $20 fee for artists which includes the chalk and snacks. Follow on Facebook.

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Get ready for the largest Halloween Parade in the Country! Look for the HCA Float in the 2019 NYC Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village! The Event will take place on October 31st from Noon to 8pm.

Human Canvas Painting ~ Event Application for a project taking place in Winter 2019.

Sign up to receive information on additional General Events. Follow Human Connection Arts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out Human Connection Arts on YouTube and Vimeo.


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    Thank you.

    1. You might want to contact Human Connections Art directly through their website, facebook, twitter or instagram (links at the bottom of the post).

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