Get Ready for the 2019 Annual LuminoCity Festival on Randall’s Island




Images courtesy LuminoCity

The annual LuminoCity Festival will return to Randall’s Island, with an immersive experience offering 16-acres of light and art installations, holiday shopping, food & drink vendors, performances, and more.  Fun for kids, and adults alike, the Event will run from November 23rd to January 5th.

Images courtesy LuminoCity

Enter a fantastical land and pass through the themed worlds of Winter Fantasy (an arctic wonderland),, Wild Adventure (rainforests, jungles, and land before time), and Sweet Dream (holiday cheer, desserts, and daydreams). This visual spectacular will feature over 23 sets of larger-than-life light art displays created by Chinese light artisans who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft.

“Many people don’t realize the scale of Chinese Lanterns. I grew up in Zigong, the epicenter of lantern light festivals; where they host an annual lantern festival that attracts more than two million people from around the world.” explained festival founder Xiaoyi Chen. “Every year I saw incredible light artworks and watched as the lanterns evolved. Some can be carried in your hands (what most people think of), while others are sky high (my favorites). I want people in the U.S. to be able to experience the majesty I experienced as a child” added Chen. “This is going to be an event of light, culture, and storytelling unlike anything else NYC has seen before.”

Image courtesy LuminoCity

Visitors will encounter a towering Christmas tree that’s visible for miles, a magnificent glowing unicorn, an illustrated lollipop land, shining pandas in a bamboo forest, a tasty donut tunnel, and life-size dinosaurs near a roaring volcano. Pick up a passport and collect all of Lumi’s stamps as you move through the festival for a special gift to take home.

In addition, holiday shopping and popular NYC food and drink vendors will be available for guests as they enjoy music, dance performances, and more at the festival stage.

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LuminoCity Festival will also offer four exciting themed nights throughout their winter run on Randall’s Island including Cosplay All Day, Hans-sion Night, Let it Glow Christmas, and Electric Light Tonight.

LuminoCity Festival will run from November 23, 2019 to January 5, 2020 on Randall’s Island