Graffiti in the Sky at New Home of Spotify, 4 World Trade Center




“Optimistic Rebel” by artist, BoogieREZ

July 12, 2017, Spotify exercised an option to lease another 100,000 square feet at 4 World Trade Center, adding to the originally signed lease for the 378,000 square feet in February that includes the Graffiti in the Sky art installation curated by World Trade Gallery.  Spotify will occupy the 62nd through 72nd floors.

Like many notable artistic projects, the installation known as Graffiti in the Sky came about through a casual conversation between a gallery owner/artist rep and a chief marketing officer of a formidable new building. The idea was to give the artists who were on view inside a gallery the opportunity to paint on a larger canvas, in a huge, unfinished space – working with other artists – high above the clouds.

The building – 4 World Trade Center. The space – 34,000 square feet on the 69th floor overlooking the 9/11 Memorial and One World Trade Center. The originators – Doug Smith, owner of World Trade Gallery and Dara McQuillan, Silverstein Properties’s Chief Marketing Officer. And on the day we went to see the exhibit, we were literally in the clouds.

“In the Big City” by artist, Chris RWK

With approximately sixty artists painting in every corner, from floor to ceiling, and free-standing installations interspersed, including a test of a new technique by the artist, BD White, entitled ‘Beautiful Loss’ (not pictured here), here was a lot to enjoy.  Below are many of the photos we took on our tour with Doug Smith, curator of Graffiti in the Sky.

Left pillar,  “21 Characters” by Sonni and Center, “Phoenix” by Brooklyn-based artist Ben Angotti

On the back wall, Left – “Flying Stripes” by artist, Lauren YS, floor painting by artist, DUDA

The artist, Stickymonger

The artist, Stickymonger

“Optimistic Rebel” by artist BoogieREZ

“Past, Present, Future” by artist, Chinon Maria

“Dakini Wonderland” by artist KIMYON3333. The Dakini, or sky dancer, translated from Tibetan, is the definitive expression and embodiment of divine female enlightened energy.

Above and below, artist Lauren YS

“No Brain No Pain” by artist, Ron English and then he went on to show his                     Picasso’s Guernica at Allouche Gallery in September, 2016

“We Trust More Than We Hate” by artist, CERN

From left, “Sonic Elation” by artist, Ben Angotti; “The Rising” by the artists, Chris Stain and Joe Iurato, and in the forefront, “Praxinoscope” by artist, John Arthur Carr

“The Rising” by artists, Joe Iurato and Chris Stain

“2001 A Parking Space Odyssey” by artist, Conrad Stojak, with a closer look below


“Galatic Ride” by artist Dizmology, with a closer look below


“Stand Out, Stand Proud” by artist, Dominic Pattison

“Vortex” by artist, ERASMO, with a closer look below


$10 Bill by artist, David Hollier. The Hamilton bill is a tribute to the man who is buried just two blocks south, in Trinity Church Cemetery. $10 Bill was created with hand-painted text of the Broadway hit HAMILTON

“4” by artist, Fanakapan

“Sunset Silver” by artist, DIMENSION-ROCK

One of the four Larry Silverstein portraits. This one painted by Hugo Bastidas

“Narrative, Park A” by artist, Al Diaz who as a high-school friend of Basquiat, tagged as SAMO on walls across NYC

View of how overwhelming the artwork is, every wall, every pillar, floor and ceiling

“Happiness” by artist, Gil Goren

And be sure to catch Gil Goren in his solo exhibit on June 27th at World Trade Gallery

Take a closer look at “Happiness”, above and below. Artist, Gil Goren

“Seeds of Milk and Honey” by the artists, Iconic & 2 Cents

“In the Big City” by artist, Chris RWK (above and below)

By artist, Buff Monster

“Vandal Gummy” by the artist, WhisBe

All of our images were taken surrounded by clouds, but on a clear day, the above image is what can be seen. “Cosmic Tower” by artist, Stickymonger in the forefront. Image via World Trade Gallery website.

“Vandal Gummy, Red” by artist, WhisBe can be found in the lobby of 4 World Trade Center

As was expected, this space has been leased, but we were pleased to learn that the company leasing the space (Spotify) will not be white-washing the walls. We hope you will take the time to read the links attached to each artist.

Fast-forward to Summer 2018 when many of these same artists came together in another World Trade Gallery/Silverstein Properties Project ~ The Mural Project.

And in 2019, the landmarked Equitable Building at 120 Broadway, completed its $50 million renovation which included the historic Bankers Club and a third floor filled with murals.

In continuation of Larry Silverstein’s legacy, his grandson Cory Silverstein recently launched Silver Arts Projects, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists. Founded in partnership with Joshua Pulman, the non-profit offers a rotating selection of 25 young artists with premier studio space on the 28th floor of 4 World Trade Center.