Harlem Arts Festival Presents “Spiritual Connections” Exhibition at Harlem Properties



Image via Harlem Arts Festival (HAF)

Harlem Arts Festival has established a new partnership with Harlem Properties, utilizing its gallery space to showcase local artists and establish a creative hub for its roster of multi-disciplinary acclaimed artists.  To officially begin its partnership, Harlem Arts Festival has announced its latest exhibition entitled “Spiritual Connections”, an exhibition that will be the first in a series of exhibitions taking place throughout the year at the gallery. This collective of work explores subcultures hidden among mainstream cultural traditions through photography and art.

Opening Reception August 23rd from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Harlem Properties, 163 Lenox Avenue at 118th Street.

The exhibition brings together 4 local photographers,  Eduardo Duarte, Burroughs Lamar, June DeLairre Truesdale, and Lisa DuBois, to look at religious rituals from all over the world, drawing parallels with Harlem’s own community.

“This exhibition takes a closer look at how natural elements connect with religion and community around the world, beginning right here with traditions in Harlem.” says Curator and #HAF2016 artist Lisa Dubois. “Now more than ever, the cultural connections present in Harlem are important to recognize as our community is changing.”

For ages, water has been the primary element used in religious rituals all over the world. In some cultures ceremonial water immersion is the vehicle that transports people to a place where they can communicate directly with God. The exhibition takes you from the firehose baptism in Harlem to the Ganga River in India, and beyond.

Spiritual Connections is curated by Lisa DuBois.  As part of the Harlem Arts Festivals support for artists, and its partnership with Harlem Properties Team at Compass, artists showcasing work will be able to retain nearly all of the profits from any work sold.  Harlem Properties is located at 163 Lenox Avenue at 118th Street. Gallery hours are Thursday – Sunday from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

We are looking forward to this beautiful Exhibition.