Hemlines From Skylines: Architectural Fashion Along Madison Avenue



Hemlines From Skylines ~ The Cloisters ~ Julie Son

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in partnership with the Madison Avenue BID unveiled the annual 3D installation entitled Hemlines From Skylines: Architectural Fashion, along Madison Avenue.

NYC Subway ~ Tricia Konczynski

Fall is a great time of year to stroll the Avenue, taking in the shops along the way. Beginning at 77th Street, and heading south, make sure you leave plenty of time to step in and out of the shops and galleries ~ passing by Gagosian and Lévy Gorvy. The RealReal now has a brick & mortar on Madison Avenue at 71st Street. And a number of great cafe’s and restaurants to take a break.

NYC Subway ~ Tricia Konczynski


This years installation salutes Fall Fashion, and features pieces created by students from SVA’s BFA Design and BFA Interior Design programs. Beginning on East 61st Street, and running to East 77th Street, Hemlines to Skylines consists of 17 sculptures of dresses contained within 8-foot tall glass cases, and set along Madison Avenue.

Brooklyn Bridge ~ Barbara Cadorna


The designs reference costumes worn by attendees of the infamous Beaux-Arts Architects’ ball in 1931, which celebrated the new age of skyscrapers in Manhattan. In what was described as one of the greatest parties of the last century, the ball was known for its members’ elaborate and intricate ensembles inspired by New York’s iconic art deco architecture, such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Hemlines from Skylines 2019 ~ SOHO, Jordan Quails; Dream Hotel, Yinjing ~ near Madison Avenue near 77th Street


Near Madison at 77th Street


Times Square ~ Zuyu Chen ~ near 68th Street


While Hemlines to Skylines draws its inspiration from the art deco era, artists have also incorporated modern-day architectural elements and developments. Each student designed a dress after one iconic New York City skyscraper or institution.

Hemlines fromm Skylines ~ XOCO 325 ~ Stephanie Sawth


NY Stock Exchange ~ MET Museum of Art ~ near 72nd Street


The sculptures are organized according to the year of birth of each chosen building, and are made up of materials such as resin, welded steel and aluminum, rope, grouted tiles, wood, light bulbs, stained glass, crystals, flowers and more.

Vessel Hudson Yards ~ Arielena Zuniga


Guggenheim ~ Gabriela Ing near 63rd Street


Hemlines from Skylines ~ Citicorp Building ~ Christina She ~ near 70th Street

“This collaboration with the Madison Avenue BID may be our best yet,” said SVA 3D Design Chair and co-curator Kevin O’Callaghan. “Hemlines to Skylines is a tribute, a thank you, to the concrete and steel beauty we experience everyday as New Yorkers. It is a reminder to stop looking at our phones, and look up. It’s much more interesting. Embrace it!”

40 10th Avenue ~ Jinglan Fan near 73rd Street

Below, designer, Justin Wong describes his sculpture, which strikes a pose and takes a nod to the Radio City Rockettes, while focusing on the interior of the opulent Art Deco Music Hall.

Radio City Music Hall ~ Justin Wong

Hemlines From Skylines: Architectural Fashion is on view through September 30, 2019. This years installation is co-curated by SVA alumnus and 3D Design Chair Kevin O’Callaghan and BFA Interior Design Chair, Dr. Carol Bentel.

Empire State Bldg ~ Filipa Mota near 66th Street

This is the fifth year of SVA’s 3D art installation partnership with the Madison Avenue BID.