Heroes del Canpo: Felix R. Cid @ Allouche Gallery Pop-Up in the Bowery




Felix R. Cid, Untitled (Pajarraco del Campo), 2022; Oil and acrylic on canvas

Allouche Gallery will open the solo show, Heroes del Canpo, debuting fifteen works by Felix R. Cid on March 17th, 2022, at their 2nd Avenue pop-up location.

Heroes del Canpo merges elements of geometry, human expression, and imagined structures, creating a portrait of personal projections. Felix R. Cid’s exploration of creative accidents and destruction advances his notions of the physical world and his psyche.

Living and working in the open Ibiza countryside, Felix’s mixed media abstract paintings are a response to his modern obsession with the individual and
character development.

Felix R. Cid, Untitled (Conde Duque de Canpo), 2022; Granite rocks, oil and acrylic on canvas
Influenced by his training as a photographer, Felix describes his practice as, “the search for the creation of unstable bodies that represent the relationship between idea, feeling and material.” Felix engages in a world that sits halfway between the physical and the psychological, with characters that reflect his own routine experiences.

For Heroes del Canpo, Felix is inspired by the superhero phenomenon and enhances each of his distinct heroes using natural elements found in the environment in which he works. Rocks, sand, even glitter, magnify the diversity of these heroes creating three dimensional personalities on canvas.

“I love to study the individual,” Felix exclaimed, when asked his strategy in creating one of his pieces. The complexity of one of his paintings is based in his genuine connection with said hero. It can take anywhere between 48 hours to a year to finish a painting, as Felix layers acrylics, oils, and other mediums to strengthen the story of each hero.


Felix R. Cid, Untitled (Super Pablo de Canpo), 2022; Oil and acrylic on canvas
“A work of art becomes less authentic when you aim to repeat strategies and/or repeat yourself,” Felix stated. Authenticity is very important to the artist, as it is extremely accessible to Felix “in the canpo” or “in the Ibiza countryside,” working outdoors with no running water or electricity within miles of his studio home. Felix’s paintings are a beautiful contradiction between that of which is abstract and figurative, and he allows the viewer to decide for themselves.

Heroes del Canpo: Felix R. Cid will be on view from March 17th through April 17, 2022 with an Opening Reception on Thursday, March 17th from 6-9pm at the Allouche Gallery Pop-Up location, 24 Second Avenue in the Bowery, NYC.