Human Connection Arts to Host ‘Sugar Hill Arts Festival’ in Harlem on May 6th




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Next up for Human Connection Arts ~ Sugar Hill Arts Festival on May 6th, 2023 from 9:00am ~ 5:00pm in Jackie Robinson Park, Harlem, NYC. Enjoy a day of live canvas painting by a dozen talented local and international artists along with chalk art and music throughout the day.

July 23rd, is a special anniversary ~ It’s the 10th Year for NYC Bodypainting Day! This year’s theme is the voice of the Artist and the Event will be returning to Union Square.

August 1st connect with nature at Honey Hollow Sculpture Park in the Catskill Mountains.

September 23rd Human connection Arts will head to the Greek Islands for Crete Bodypainting Day!

HCA returned to Union Square Park for Body Painting Day, with a theme of Hope.  They had dozens of artists, models, a live DJ, and a double-decker bus ride. This year they added a special experience, the Circle of Hope! Over 1,000 people joining hands, singing songs about circles and connecting!

Live Bodypainting ~ In the public streets of NYC– leaving a trail of inspiration wherever we go!

Winter 2022 ~ Human Canvas Painting from December 2022 ~ March 2023

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