‘Human / Nature: Encountering Ourselves in the Natural World’, a Group Exhibition to Open at Fotografiska New York in February




Lori Nix / Kathleen Gerber, Botanic Garden. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC

Fotografiska New York today announced the opening of Human / Nature: Encountering Ourselves in the Natural World (February 9, 2024 through May 25, 2024), a sprawling group exhibition bringing together more than a dozen photographers from around the world through over 40 works for an investigation into humanity’s fraught relationship with planet Earth.

David Ụzọchukwu, Timoer, 2016. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC

Human / Nature will include photographs, immersive video installations, and sculptures that push audiences to reflect on how people and the world around them have had a profound impact on shaping one another. At once celebratory and contemplative, the exhibition includes works highlighting moments of symbiotic connection while never shying away from the often-fraught relationship humanity has developed with the climate.

Included in the show are works by artists including David Ụzọchukwu and Lewis Miller that revel in the beauty of nature. Rush by Ụzọchukwu, for example, presents an image of a carefully peaceful coexistence. Meanwhile, Miller’s “Flower Flash” installations joyfully depict floral arrangements in garbage cans—a cheeky way of highlighting the powerful impact of nature in urban landscapes. Other works in the exhibition, however, focus on the pernicious and shocking realities of climate change. Works by Edward Burtynsky investigate industry’s impact on different environments. Burtynsky’s world-renowned aerial photographs abstract the ugly realities of mining, oil, and other damaging industries with beautiful and vibrant photographs of color fields. Ori Gerscht’s work shows the violent destruction of natural beauty via the literal explosion of bouquets.

Cig Harvey, Apple Tree (Last Light), Thomaston, Maine, 2021. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC

Other artists ring out a hopeful note, with works by Yan Wang Preston and Indigenous artist Pat Kane among others, offering glimpses into how humankind can move forward despite the challenges wrought by climate change. Preston’s works depict lush greenery carefully inhabiting structured, urban settings, while Pat Kane’s photographs document the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation’s stewardship of their land in Northern Canada.

Human / Nature will include “In Harmony With Mother Earth” by climate justice activist Xiye Bastida, a moving and revelatory text punctuated with personal anecdotes and urging humankind’s reconnection and rebalancing of our relationship with nature. The text also illuminates the knowledge of Indigenous Peoples as a resource for repair and implores a recognition of collective responsibility to preserve our environment.

Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber, Library. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC

“This exhibition illustrates the beautiful yet sometimes difficult relationship between human life and the rest of the living world,” said Sophie Wright, Executive Director of Fotografiska New York. “It touches not only on what we can do to make the world more inhabitable, but also invites guests to reflect on their own experiences and to consider their roles in our rapidly changing environment while presenting a bold new way forward.”

The artists featured in Human / Nature include Alfredo De Stefano; Brendan Pattengale; Cig Harvey, David Ụzọchukwu; Djeneba Aduayo; Edward Burtynsky; Helene Schmitz; Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber; Ori Gersht; Yan Wang Preston; Lewis Miller; Inka & Niclas; Pat Kane; and Santeri Tuori.

To accompany the show, a gallery on the Museum’s sixth floor will highlight pioneer photographers and the history of this genre, featuring works by Ansel Adams, Edward Steichen, Aaron Siskind, and Edward Weston.

David Ụzọchukwu, Rush, 2017. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC


Thursday, February 8 ~  Opening Night

Fotografiska members are invited to preview Human / Nature during an opening night party. Guests will have the chance to hear remarks from artists Edward Burtynsky and Djeneba Aduayo, as well as from environmental activist Xiye Bastida.

Tuesday, March 14 ~ Brooklyn Ballet: “Flowers, Creatures, and Snow”

Brooklyn Ballet will perform choreography inspired by the natural world, drawing inspiration from the Waltz of the Flowers and Snowflake Waltz. In the Galleries, dancers will perform vignettes in various constellations throughout. Corresponding choreography inspired by the exhibition will be adapted for a performance in The Loft space at Fotografiska.

Monday, April 11 ~ Unfiltered Music: Iris Trio, Project Earth

Fotografiska presents a newly commissioned musical performance by Andrew Downing and Sarah Slean, as well as newly commissioned poetry by Karen Solie. Project Earth strives to illuminate the impact of human behavior on the environment, addressing issues of climate change, pollution, habitat degradation, and biodiversity loss.

Inka & Niclas, Family Portrait. Image courtesy FotografiskaNYC

Monday, April 15 ~ Book Launch & Talk with Pete McBride — The Colorado River: Chasing Water

Join author and photographer Pete McBride for a live talk to celebrate the release of his new book, The Colorado River: Chasing Water.

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Human / Nature: Encountering Ourselves in the Natural World  will be on view from February 9, 2024 through May 25, 2024. Fotografiska is located at 281 Park Avenue South, NYC.