It’s Earth Day 2020 ~ Celebrating from Home, a Look Back at Earth Day’s Past



Broadway Bouquet via Terrain Work will be located at the Flatiron car-free location at 23rd street. 2018.

Today is Earth Day 2020 ~ a year when we will contemplate our environment from the safety of our homes. In past years, we have celebrated the day in all five boroughs, with car-free spaces for educational kiosks, music, performances, art ~ runs, walks, fitness classes, biking + more. Let’s take a look back at just a few Earth Day events in the Garment District to Flatiron District and Times Square in 2018 and 2019.

The featured image above, by Terrain Work, is a 36-foot monumental installation placed in parking spaces in the Flatiron District next to Madison Square Park, to inspire and imagine less cars and more green space.

Artist, Willie Cole ~ Car Free Earth Day in The Garment District. 2019

Above and below, and perfect for a car-free Earth Day, a bubble-wrap size car sculpture by artist Willie Cole in a parking spot in the Garment District.

Artist Willie Cole in The Garment District. 2019


Taking a closer look. Artist Willie Cole in The Garment District. 2019

Below, by French-born artist, Isabelle Garbani, the installation “Les Fleurs du Mal,” an environmental public art installation comprised of recycled objects at the Garment rest stop on 38th Street and the 36-foot long “Broadway Bouquet” by Terrain Work at the Flatiron rest stop on 24th Street.

Isabelle Garbani, Les Fleurs du Mal for Garment District Alliance at 38th Street. Photo credit: Isabelle Garbani via Garment District Alliance.


On view in The Garment District, 2019 ~ an Electric Bus. Hop on board & take a look


Car Free Earth Day in the Flatiron District. 2019


Car Free Earth Day in The Flatiron District, 2019

Below, Car Free Earth Day from Times Square to Union Square ~ a full 30-blocks with no cars.

Car Free Earth Day 2018. Image via

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The American Museum of Natural History is Celebrating EarthFest From Home!

Michael Moore Celebrating Earth Day with Free Streaming of his documentary ‘Planet of the Humans‘ on YouTube

This Earth Day, take a walk in one of our Parks, or public spaces, remembering to stay six-feet apart.

Learn more about how trees communicate in a journey underground with artist Susan Stair creating her art installation Roots On Fire, currently on view in the Art Park, East Harlem.

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Happy Earth Day 2020!