It’s Groundhog Day & Staten Island Chuck as Spoken ~ Spring is on the way…….




Staten Island Chuck has spoken – spring is on its way and NYC Parks is already hot on the trail of early spring blooms! Even as the snow from Winter Storm Kenan still coats the city, snowdrops have been spotted in Central Park and Washington Square Park, with more to be seen in the coming weeks. Keep up with NYC Parks as we track flower species blooming across the city, and share your sightings, on our “Signs of Spring” tracker.

“Staten Island Chuck may be a fine meteorologist, but trust us at Parks to tell you when the flowers are blooming. We’re already seeing snowdrops peeking up at us in Central Park and Washington Square Park, and it won’t be long before we’re graced with the buttery yellow charms of Narcissus carpeting the city,” said NYC Parks Director of Horticulture Matthew Morrow. “Whether earlier or later than in years past, you can definitely count on our spring blooms to herald in the new season, and there’s no better place to check for blossoms than our Signs of Spring page!”

In anticipation of the city’s best season, Parks’ Spring Fun page is New Yorkers’ go-to for flower and flowering tree trackers, volunteer planting events, Urban Park Ranger tours, and more!


Are Forsythias your favorite, or do Marsh Marigolds make you merry? Maybe you just have to see the Hawthorns or the awesome Azaleas. On the NYC Parks Signs of Spring page, visitors can check to see if some of the city’s most popular flowers have been spotted blooming! Did you spot a sign of spring in our parks? We’d love to see it! Share your spring news with #SignsofSpringNYC!


Looking to bring a little bit of spring into your home, or your flowerbed? Look no further – NYC Parks’ expert gardeners have you covered! Parks horticulturists plant millions of flowers and native plants each year in New York City, and they have a lot of advice to share for beginner and experienced gardeners alike! Visit NYC Parks’ Home Gardening Tips and Tricks from Our Gardeners page to get all the best advice.


With over 7,000,000 trees in the city, there’s no better place to see trees in bloom! Cherry trees and eastern redbuds are just a few of the many species of trees that grow flowers as the season changes, so keep your eyes to the sky, and visit Parks’ Flowering Trees in Spring for the best places to spot them!

If you’re in Tribeca, celebrate Groundhog Day with Friends of Duane Park.

Naomi Lawrence: flowers of Turtle Island in East Harlem

Just can’t wait for Spring? Check out Naomi Lawrence: Flowers of Turtle Island, still on view on Park Avenue at 121st Street in East Harlem.