The 39th Edition of The Graffiti Wall of Fame, East Harlem ~ August 24-25, 2019




2019 Graffiti Hall of Fame

Once a year, the who’s who in street art gather for two-days in August to paint and play. The music is loud, spirits are high, and incredible murals are created. The Graffiti Hall of Fame stretches between 106th and 107th Streets, alongside the elevated Metro North train on Park Avenue in El Barrio. Known to Street Artists since 1980,  and now a tourist destination, it is rarely open (except by private tour) to the public. But once a year, James Top, Executive Director of this iconic Wall, invites us to watch the magic.

Take a walk with us down the steps into the 2019, 39th Edition of The Graffiti Hall of Fame in East Harlem, August 24-25th.

2019 Graffiti Hall of Fame, East Harlem

Looking to formally establish a place where graffiti artists could hone their craft in a safe space, Harlem community leader Ray “Sting Ray” Rodriguez dubbed the concrete walls of the now Jackie Robinson Educational Complex’s schoolyard the Graffiti Hall of Fame, and it has been attracting some of the best street artists in the world for more than 30+ years.

Several large cubes, a new addition this year, filled the space between the walls, adding more canvas for many more artists.

James Top (above) in front of his wall extending the length of the northern section of the complex.


Chris RWK, The City That Never Sleeps

Above artwork ‘The City That Never Sleeps‘ by Chris RWK, who we remember from the 69th floor at 4 World Trade, and The Mural Project, still on view downtown near the Oculus.


(L-R) Michael McLeer aka Kaves  and James Top, Executive Director, Graffiti Hall of Fame

James Top (above right) entertained a number of artists who stopped by to take in this annual two-day event. Above, Michael McLeer  @misterkaves, founder of Lords of Brooklyn and The Brooklyn Firefly.




















This year’s Event is hosted by James Top and Joey TDS. Curated by Fame Sharif Profit + GHOF Brand Manager for 2019.

This year, you will recognize the work of TATS CRU,BG183, BIO, NICER, BLEN167, COPE 2, MERES, DEZ, DUSTER UA, KING BEE, VASE, SPHERE, NOVER, PHETUS, CHRISRWK, HEK TAD, SHIRO, MODUS, DONTAY TC5, and many others.

Below, limited supply of Hall of Fame, 225 pages of street art history beginning in 1981 through 2012.

The Graffiti Hall of Fame is located at 106th Street and Park Avenue, in the courtyard/playground of the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex. For private tour information, contact James Top at Graffiti NYC TV or email

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James Top, Executive Director, Graffiti Hall of Fame.

The Board of Education is the landlord, however there is no budget for this annual Event. The Event is Free, donations are greatly appreciated.

Take a look back at the 38th Edition of The Graffiti Hall of Fame.

Restoration on Keith Haring’s mural Crack is Wack is in progress  in the playground on Second Avenue between 127th/128th Streets.

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