Jaydan Moore exhibits Gain, Gather, Grow at Ornamentum in Hudson, NY




Jaydan Moore, Platter/Shatter, 2020, found silver-plated platters, 72 x 72 x 2in. Image courtesy of the Gallery

Stepping out of Manhattan, let’s take a day trip to Hudson, New York for the new Ornamentum Gallery exhibition, Jaydan Moore: Gain, Gather, Grow.

Jaydan Moore exhibition, Gain, Gather, Grow at Ornamentum Gallery

The exhibition will show new works by Jaydan Moore. Known for dramatically scaled wall sculptures, intricately spliced from discarded serving platters – Jaydan Moore’s artworks stems from a foundation in the decorative arts. Moore’s confidence in scale results in visually impactful works that break from traditional decorative rules, and recontextualizes them into fractured, spliced, and reassembled palimpsests. Jaydan Moore combines our emotional connection to materials to the reverence for the cherished history. Consistently delivering evocative works, Moore taps into our collective cultural memories – the result, many pieces are collected into revered fine art collections, both public and private.

Much of Jaydan Moore’s recent work explores the collection of remnants ~ leftovers from silverplated artworks he created over the last decade. Calling up images from our collective communal memories, Moore redefines these objects we once owned. What remains? discards imbued with new beauty beyond long-faded sentiments.

Taking a closer look, Jaydan Moore, Platter/Shatter, 2020, found silver-plated platters, 72 x 72 x 2 in. Image courtesy of the Gallery

Moore challenges himself to explore new forms, and address his artistic need to achieve zero waste in his artwork. In these works however, forms aren’t dictated by the artist’s (environmental) consciousness, the works an original expression – sculpture ‘paintings’ made from canvases already adorned with the scratches, engravings, bumps, and bruises of their middle- class- fancy history – a palimpsest of culturally, and economically, specific objects. In conceptual unison, the painstaking handwork conjoining the elements celebrates the decorative, while splicing disparate parts into a new whole where various platters speak to one another within negative spaces, and gentle undulations of the metal echo softness akin to a tapestry. All artworks range from 25 cm to 25 feet across comprising the exhibition.

Ornamentum regularly exhibits Jaydan Moore’s large wall platters showcasing them prominently at fairs in NYC, Miami and Basel, Switzerland. The attention his work draws is always exceptional. Works were recently placed into prominent museum collections including the Carnegie Museum of Art, the MFA Houston and the Honolulu Museum of Art, as well as numerous distinguished private and corporate collections. Additionally, Moore’s larger artworks were recently exhibited at the Museum of Arts & Design, NYC and at MUDAC, Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2016, Moore was featured in Lost Causes, a dual exhibition together with David Clarke, at Ornamentum and later that year at Design/ Miami. Gain, Gather, Grow is Ornamentum’s first solo presentation of Moore’s work.

Jaydan Moore, Platter/Splatter, 2020, found silver-plated platters, 75 x 80 x 2 in. Image courtesy of the Gallery

Jaydan Moore has held numerous residencies, and teaching positions allowing him to lecture and hold workshops following his studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Moore currently lives and maintains his studio in Richmond, VA. Moore was recently awarded third prize from the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, a grant dedicated to allowing sculpture artists to have the opportunity to devote a substantial period of time to the development of his or her work.

Founded in 2002, Ornamentum Gallery is known for its dynamic collection of contemporary jewelry and related objects and artworks.

Jay Moore: Gain, Gather, Grow on view through August 16, 2020. Ornamentm Gallery is located at 506 Warren Street in Hudson, New York. Be sure to bring your mask. The Gallery is following all covid protocols. Most of the other galleries and retailers in Hudson are also open, and the restaurants are seating outdoors in a ‘shared streets’ concept. Drive or take Amtrak.

Prefer a private appointment? Call or email the Gallery for a private experience.

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