Jefferson Market Library Celebrates 50 Years!



The Jefferson Market Library is celebrating 50 years of writing on the Reading Room walls, and in celebration of its 50th year, JML Manager, Frank Colierius and artist Mark John Smith have joined forces to create #JML50!

Save the Date, February 9th for JML50 Art Installation Tour and Conversation, and join Frank and Mark John as they discuss the origins, process, stories, risks, and handwriting of the installation, followed by a special tour of the exhibit.

Housed in the Library’s main reading room, the exhibit is a unique series of installations and interventions that turn the library into a work of art. Included in the exhibit are excerpts from the archives of the library dating back to the 1900s and the children’s Registration Book.

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“This building is a public space. The splendor and the beauty of the physical building is only important because of the people who fought to preserve it and those who continue to use it to strengthen the quality of their lives every day.”

Frank Collerius
Jefferson Market Library Manager

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“All public space is a creative space
– a space of collaboration, discovery, learning, tolerance and togetherness. Jefferson Market was saved by the public for the public – this special place continues to inspire, educate and interact with the very individuals who rescued it from demolition. In this anniversary year we look to celebrate the library and its community.”

Mark John Smith

JML50 Art Installation Tour and Conversation is Free with Registration.  The Event will take place on February 9 from 6:30-8pm at Jefferson Market Library, 425 Avenue of the Americas at 10th Street.

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