‘Jen Lewin: The Pool’ Transforms the Brooklyn Creative Complex in Industry City




Credit: The Pool by artist Jen Lewin, photo by Alex Koch

The Collision ProjectIndustry City’s campus-wide arts initiative hosting emerging and established contemporary artists across disciplines and mediums—has announced the arrival of two new works to its campus: The Pool, a large-scale interactive installation by artist Jen Lewin, and an untitled set of five permanent sculptures by CHIAOZZA. These works add to more than a dozen existing public art pieces at the 6 million-square-foot creative complex, further solidifying the campus as a vibrant destination for art and design.

“We are elated to welcome The Pool and additional sculptures by CHIAOZZA to our creative campus as part of Industry City’s commitment to supporting the artist and design community. These Brooklyn-based artists are creating accessible and interactive art that will be consumed by designers, artists, local families and business owners. The power of art to creatively connect our communities is key to The Collision Project and these two installations embody that commitment,” says Cristal Rivera, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement.

Credit: The Pool by artist Jen Lewin, photo by Alex Koch

The Pool by Jen Lewin is an interactive environment of giant, concentric circles created from more than 100 interactive circular pads, inviting visitors to walk, dance, jump, and play with the piece. The installation allows visitors to enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and color. Using mesh-network technology and custom code, visitors can activate platforms that respond to touch—encouraging participation in an ever-changing composition. Inspired by Australian tidal pools, Lewin developed technology and code to bring this experience to Industry City. The Pool will be open to the public daily starting January 28 through March 28, from 3 pm-9 pm.

As part of Lewin’s “Have Art, Will Travel” program, The Pool has traveled throughout more than twenty countries and over sixty exhibition venues in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, and Taipei.

Credit: The Pool by artist Jen Lewin, photo by Alex Koch

Beginning February 14 as part of Industry City’s permanent public art collection, an untitled set of five permanent sculptures by CHIAOZZA will be on display in Courtyard 1/2 of the creative campus. The work is designed to be suggestive of play without being directive, resulting in open-ended possibilities for interaction between the viewers and the artwork. This continues a long-standing relationship between the artists and Industry City dating back to 2017 when CHIAOZZA designed and installed one of its first public sculptures to facilitate the launch of Industry City’s public art initiative, The Collision Project.

“Industry City is proud to provide a space for visitors to safely experience these breathtaking works in person. As the dynamic collection of public art that breathes life into the campus continues to grow and expand, we welcome Jen Lewin, as well as CHIAOZZA, with whom The Collision Project’s roots run deeply as one of the first artists to activate the campus,” says Haoran Chen of Industry City’s Design and Art Production team. “We look forward to the continued evolution of the complex as a renowned arts destination for the community.”

The Super Pool by Artist Jen Lewin featured at Burning Man 2014
Credit: The Pool by artist Jen Lewin, photo by Alex Koch

The Collision Project utilizes Industry City’s campus as a diverse and flexible testing ground for artists and visionaries to collaborate and to promote exploration of the grounds, with the mission of supporting emerging and established contemporary artists, offering art as an experience to visitors, and making art more accessible to the local community. Submission of public art proposals for The Collision Project is open to all creatives all year long.

Credit: The Pool by artist Jen Lewin, photo by Alex Koch

Jen Lewin: The Pool will be on view from January 28 through March 28, 2022 at Industry City is located at 220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Visitors are encouraged to share their experience on social media by following and tagging@IndustryCity and @JenLewinStudio on Instagram. Follow Jen Lewin on her Website

Take a look-back at Jen Lewin: Reflect in Domino Park last March, 2021.

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