Karen Fitzgerald & Jaynie Gillman Crimmins: Matter and Spirit at JVS Project Space




Artists, Karen Fitzgerald & Jaynie Gillman Crimmins. Image courtesy of the artists.

We first came upon the work of Jaynie Gillman Crimmins last year in the group exhibition ‘Form, Paper, Scissors, at Living With Art Salon. In that exhibition, Crimmins displayed creations from two of her major series ~ ‘In Search of Beauty’ and ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost.’ Beautiful and thoughtful pieces. So when we heard that she had an exhibition opening this month ~ we were all ears.

The name of the current exhibition is Matter and Spirit. These two entities have a long history of being deeply intertwined, and for good reason. As we engage with the world around us, we also sense something more than what our eyes can see. What that other dimension is has been the subject of many explorations in verbal language – poetry, philosophy, metaphysics – as well as in the visual language of art.

That other dimension is rarely visible. Finding a way to translate it into visual language has been an essential concern for both Fitzgerald and Gillman Crimmins. Matter and Spirit is a tribute to the restless shifting of light and energy. The other dimensions, other understandings present in this work are strengthened through their connections to the written word – poetry – as well as to the natural world, and to the imagination it calls us to.

The physical material both artists use nod to the idea that matter and spirit cannot be easily extricated from each other. Gillman Crimmins recycles everyday papers. Rolling them tightly, and carefully building up layers to create new forms, these pieces attest to the latent properties of those things associated with the spirit realm. Fitzgerald’s use of 23k gold recalls its early applications as a sign of the sacred. Both artists use forms that are distinctly presentational. The roundness that both rely on speak to the wider physical world, and the non-linear properties of its spirit realm. The work embodies that aspect which carries us to the delineation, and unification between matter and spirit

Karen Fitzgerald & Jaynie Gillman Crimmins: Matter and Spirit will be on view at JVS Project Space from September 11 through October 11, 2021 at JVS Project Space, with an Opening Reception on September 11th from 5:00 ~ 7:00pm.

JVS Project Space is located at 181 East 108th Street, NYC. The gallery is open from Thursday through Sunday from 1:00 ~ 6:00pm.

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