‘Karma’ ~ Ancient Wisdom Meets the Future at The Rubin Museum of Art



The Series, Karma at The Rubin Museum of Art

This fall at the Rubin Museum of Art, guests from a diverse set of spiritual traditions will discuss the connections between ancient wisdom and the earth’s future with notable personalities including Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramović, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Meredith Monk, and Maira Kalman. Tickets for the 2018 Karma schedule go on sale September 7, 2018.

Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room

As part of The Rubin Museum of Art year-long program, The Future, the Museum’s Fall/Winter presentation is the series, “Karma: Ancient Wisdom Meets The Future,” curated by earth ethicist Karenna Gore, who serves as one of the Rubin Museum’s fellows this year. She bridges the worlds of religion, academia, politics, and culture, and will bring these insights together this fall.

Karenna Gore is the founding director of the Center for Earth Ethics (CEE) at Union Theological Seminary, which bridges the worlds of religion, academia, politics, and culture. She will bring these insights to the Rubin Museum this fall alongside a wide range of voices.

“Ancient wisdom offers us guidance on how we can meet future challenges with the truth of who we are,” Gore said. “Many people today are relying on new technologies to solve our ecological crises. If we look to the wisdom of our ancestors, who lived in a way that was in balance with the earth, we can find a way forward — and can be healthier and happier also. Nature is not just “our environment” — we’re part of nature, and the future of the earth depends on how we come together, and think and act now. That’s what this series is all about.”

Reflected in the Rubin Museum’s collection of Himalayan art, the ancient concept of karma has been interpreted by many cultures around the world. In Buddhism, karma is interpreted as the idea that our actions, including words and thoughts, affect our conditions, an idea that connects to ancient philosophies in many cultures and indigenous traditions. Dynamic talks and film screenings will illuminate these interrelated concepts throughout the season, exploring the consequences of our actions.

“At the Rubin, our ongoing mission is to apply timeless wisdom traditions to our visitors’ lives, and this year, we are tackling humanity’s fascination with what is yet to come. The future requires us to look back; there effectively is no future if you forget all the wisdom that came before. In our Karma series, we are taking that challenge literally because the future of the earth depends on our remembering it,” said Tim McHenry, Director of Programs and Engagement at the Rubin.

Check out the schedule of Upcoming Events and Related Film Screenings.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on September 7, 2018. Members receive early access and 20% discount for all programs.

The Rubin Museum of Art is located at 150 West 17th Street, NYC