Kazumi Yoshida: Rite of Spring opens at Cheryl Hazan Gallery




Audrey, gouache & vintage wallpaper cut out decoupage, 45 x 45 inches

In Kazumi Yoshida’s current exhibition, viewers are treated to a dazzling array of drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages, and sculptures. This lavish offering presents both objective and nonobjective works unified by a deceptively childlike sensibility that belies a sophisticated complexity of process and composition. It is Rite of Spring.

The work of Kazumi Yoshida renders not only supernal aesthetic delight, but offers each member of his audience an ever-changing self-portrait, which may be the salient intention and meaning of all great art throughout time.

Jungle Series, painted board in wood box, 18 x 15 x 4 inches each

Kazumi Yoshida’s new series of works renew the artist’s spring boldness while capitalizing on his trademark charm and sophisticated insouciance. Amongst the several series, the artist continues to lean into negative space, pushing further what he can contemplate and articulate in his newfound spaces. The Menagerie series elicits a humor and spontaneity while remaining grounded in the artist’s structured compositions. Yoshida’s sculptural approach to portraiture allows ideas to emerge from his spry visual consciousness as he masters and re-masters color, form, and space within his wild narratives.

Kazumi Yoshida: Rite of Spring Opening Reception Thursday, June 13th from 6-8pm at Cheryl Hazan Gallery, 35 North Moore Street, NYC. The exhibition will be on view to August 27, 2019.