Ki Smith Gallery to Open in Harlem




The inaugural exhibition, Sei Smith: Reflections 2 will open at the Ki Smith Gallery on February 2nd. The exhibition will focus on relationships between color, light, shadow, and atmosphere, widening the conversation of contemporary art.

Sei Smith’s materials range from plexiglass to paint skins. Several of the multimedia pieces of Reflections 2 only exist if the viewer focuses a screen, momentarily, between herself and the canvas. Other works are more heavily dependent on visitor participation. New shadows, textures and colors are found as one moves around the work. The show unfolds like a treasure hunt. For Smith, Reflections 2 is an investigation of painting and how far that term of the medium can be stretched, bent and played with.

The artist asks visitors to photograph the space, during the opening, using disposable cameras provided by the gallery. The closing reception will be composed solely of these photographs. Giving anyone the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, Sei wonders: “Who is the artist? What is the art? Are those terms necessary in discussing contemporary art? Maybe the idea of an individual artist and singular experience of work is outdated.”

Sei and Ki Smith. Image via Apostopher NYC website

Sei Smith (b. 1990, New York City) studied painting at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. He had his first solo exhibition in 2012 and has since shown both nationally and internationally. In 2012, Smith and his brother founded Apostrophe NYC, an art gallery/curation experiment. They notably staged guerrilla pop-ups in the stairwell of the Whitney, the courtyard at MoMa PS1 and a brooklyn subway station. Along with his art practice, Sei continues to curate shows/happenings in NYC.

Sei Smith: Reflections 2 will be on view February 2, with an Opening Reception on that date from 6-10pm, as the inaugural exhibition for the Ki Smith Gallery, located at 712 West 125th Street, Harlem.

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