Kimberly Schneider: Flare ~ a Virtual Exhibition ~ The Mysterious Beauty of the Photogram




Kimberly Schneider, ‘Embrace (Whirlwind)” (2020). Image courtesy of the artist.

The virtual exhibition, Flare by Kimberly Schneider features a selection of 25 photograms that are part of a larger photographic series initially started by the artist during the quarantine of 2020. Within the restricted space of her darkroom, Schneider has utilized what was at hand ~ wilted flowers, glitter, lace, and moving water ~ ultimately rendering a countless array of mysterious silhouettes that appear to either float, glimmer, combust, or fade away.

Notions of disruption, decadence, flashbacks, and the ephemeral consistently rise and fall together throughout this body of work. Beginning and ending with two slideshow, ‘Flare’ closely examines the intricate layers of mystery, depth, and volume portrayed in each one of these compositions.

Popularized by man Ray in the early 1920s, the photogram frees the photographer from both camera and object, while the intersection of light, upon a sheet of photosensitized paper, is left to create the outline of items placed upon it.

Flare by Kimberly Schneider will be on view online through February 14, 2021.