Lady Liberty’s ‘Little Sister’ to Visit New York’s Ellis Island on July 1, 2021!




Lady Liberty’s Little Sister arrived! Image via The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

Lady Liberty’s ‘Little Sister’ will be on view from July 1st to July 5th on Ellis Island! Arriving in New York City for Independence Day, and in Washington, D.C. on Bastille Day, the 9-foot, bronze statue of Lady Liberty was created from the original plaster model of 1878 by Auguste Bartholdi, currently exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris.

This event will happen 135 years after the Statue of Liberty was first unveiled on Liberty Island, celebrating freedom and the friendship between France and the U.S. After an unprecedented hard year and strict travel restrictions between our two countries, this project stems from a need to “renew our vows” and celebrate the shared values that are at the heart of the longstanding partnership between France and the U.S. This project will also highlight the artistic, technological and logistical prowess of bringing this new statue to America, and tell a modern tale of successful international cooperation.

Here she is ~ via franceintheus on Instagram

Curated by a French foundry using the lost-wax method, this more diminutive version of the Statue of Liberty was uninstalled this week during a small ceremony at the Cnam, where it had been on display at the entrance, welcoming guests for the past 10 years. The 1,000-pound statue will be placed into a specially designed plexiglass case before being put into a dedicated, branded shipping container. On June 19, the statue will board the CMA CGM TOSCA (an 8,500 TEU shipping vessel) in Le Havre. It will then travel by sea, reaching New York City after a nine-day Atlantic crossing. It will be on display on Ellis Island from July 1-5, joining its full-scale sibling to celebrate independence Day thanks to a cooperation agreement with the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation and the National Park Service. From there, it will be transported by road by CEVA Logistics, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, to its final destination ~ the French Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C., where it will be unveiled on Bastille Day as a symbol of the strong, enduring French-American friendship.

Image via the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

The Embassy of France in the United States, the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam) and the CMA CGM Group a world leader in shipping and logistics, have partnered to bring this second emblematic treasure and symbol of freedom to the United States. The arrival of the new Lady Liberty will celebrate the most central value of the French-American partnership: freedom. The technological, artistic, and logistical challenges that had to be overcome to bring this new statue to America tell a modern tale of successful international cooperation.

To celebrate this unique voyage and the friendship between France and the United States, follow #ViveLaLiberty on the social media platforms of the Embassy of France, Cnam and CMA CGM. And on the French Embassy’s Instagram, participate in a creative contest until July 1st to win a LEGO® Architecture Statue of Liberty, a France-Amerique magazine subscription, an Albertine Books membership and more gifts!


Here’s how to join the Instagram Contest ~ The Embassy of France and the Cultural Services in the U.S. invite American audiences, to participate in the nationwide #ViveLaLiberty contest from June 7 to July 1. the Instagram account will be accepting submissions of creative works inspired by the Statue of Liberty paired with a meaningful text of up to 350 characters. Ingenuity is encouraged and can take many creative forms like drawings, paintings, songs, poems, sculptures, and dance! Incredible prizes from the LEGO® group, France-Amerique Magazine, Albertine, the FrancoFiles Podcast, including a personalized note from the French Ambassador will be awarded to the grand prix winner(s) on July 12, just two days before Bastille Day!

Why now? To celebrate the U.S. arrival of “Liberty 2021,” a 10-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty made from the original Bartholdi-mold, which will make its way from Paris to New York for July 4th and settle in Washington D.C on July 14th! #Liberty2021 is an embodiment of enduring Franco-American friendship and a renewal of the ideals she upholds. Follow @franceintheus for more information and to enter the contest. The #ViveLaLiberty contest will run entirely from June 7 – July 12.

Follow the Timeline:

1. Audience Participation – Submissions #ViveLaLiberty
a. Monday, June 7 to Thursday, July 1

2. Selection of TOP 10 by Jury
a. Friday, July 2

3. Repost TOP 10 for voting by public audience (1 like = 1 vote)
a. Monday, July 5 – Sunday, July 11

4. Grand Prix Winner announcement (voted by followers)
a. Monday, July 12

5. *Surprise* additional Grand Prix winner (voted by jury)
a. Monday, July 12

All top 10 nominees selected by the jury will receive a personalized note from French Ambassador, Philippe Etienne. The grand prix winner(s) will additionally win the Prize Pack (Estimated Value: $350) which includes:

1/ A LEGO® architecture Statue of Liberty
2/ A France-Amérique Digital Subscription
3/ An Albertine Constellation Membership
4/ A FrancoFiles Podcast mention or 10-min interview

#ViveLaLiberty   #Liberty2021

Lady Liberty can also be found reclining in Morningside Park, Harlem in the art installation, Reclining Liberty by artist Zaq Landsberg.