Rockefeller Center + Art Production Fund Present the Works of Artist, Lakela Brown




Photo by Dan Bradica, courtesy of Art Production Fund

Rockefeller Center, in partnership with Art Production Fund, have on view a series of public art pop-ups throughout the Center. The installations are located in unexpected places, inspired by our New York City landscape and contemporary life.

Photo by Dan Bradica, courtesy of Art Production Fund

The works by Brooklyn-based artist, Lakela Brown feature three vitrine spaces at 45 Rockefeller Plaza which present as Brown’s plaster wall reliefs. Using bamboo hoops, door knocker earrings, heavy rope chains and her own body as tools for casting, Brown makes impressions in the plaster, embedding the material with a series of references to hip-hop, 90s music, and the culture in which she grew up.

Photo by Dan Bradica, courtesy of Art Production Fund

Vinyl murals installed throughout the concourse and on the plaza include a variety of Brown’s motifs and symbols throughout her wall reliefs, immortalizing relics traditionally associated with African American culture.

Photo by Dann Bradica, courtesy of Art Production Fund

“I feel honored to share my work at Rockefeller Center. I am interested to learn how experiencing my work in this beautiful gilded space will inform the questions around adornment, history and value that I explore in my studio. I hope that my installation will strike a juxtaposition that contributes to the context of my sources and the base of my desires,” says LaKela Brown.

Find her work at various locations throughout Rockefeller Center including inside 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 30 rockefeller Plaza, 50 Rockefeller Plaza and the street and concourse levels of 45 Rockefeller Plaza, as well as outside in Rockefeller Plaza.

Photo by Dan Bradica, courtesy of Art Production Fund

Lakela Brown at Rockefeller Center will be on view through September 20, 2019.

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