Let’s Take a Van Gogh Museum 4K Tour of Over 2,100 Artworks




Vincent van Gogh image via vangogallery.com

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is closed due to COVID-19, but the Museum invites all to step into a seven-part virtual tour, displaying more than 2,100 artworks.

Below, enjoy six of the seven-part, 4K tour.

Park 1/7

Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853-July 29, 1890) was a Dutch painter who created about 2,100 artworks including about 860 oil paintings of landscapes, still lives, portraits and self-portraits.

Part 2/7

Van Gogh was born into an upper-middle-class family, and enjoyed drawing as a child. As a young man, he worked as an art dealer. When transferred to London, he turned to religion and spent time as a Protestant missionary in southern Belgium.

Part 3/7

As his health began declining, he took up painting in 1881, after moving back home to live with his parents. He was at that time financially supported by his brother.

Part 4/7

In 1886, van Gogh moved to Paris, where he met Émile Bernard and Paul Gauguin, allowing him to develop a new approach to his still lives and landscapes ~ growing brighter in color.

Part 5/7

He often neglected his physical health, did not eat property and drank heavily. His depression progressed, and on July 27, 1890, van Gogh shot himself in the chest.

Part 6/7

He was not commercially successful, and his suicide at age 37 came after years of mental illness, depression and poverty.

The Van Gogh Museum offers many more ways to enjoy the Museum from home ~ Here.