Lever House ~ 2019 Summer Installation



Lever House Summer 2019 Installation ~ Artist Jorge Pardo

This summer’s Lever House installation features Lever House alumni Jorge Pardo, Enoc Perez and Urs Fischer.

Lever House Summer 2019 Installation ~ Artist, Jorge Pardo

While there was more to see, we took only a few quick pictures. Images above feature Cuban born artist, Jorge Pardo, the first official Lever House artist featured from 2003 to 2004. Here we see a creation of an “environment of glowing colors and anthropomorphic bases made of slatted plywood and colored glass lamps with exposed wires, collapsing the boundaries of typical art and design, emerging as a vibrant, gleaming garden.”

Lever House Summer 2019 Installation ~ Artist Urs Fischer
Urs Fischer

Above and below, artist Urs Fischer. who graced the Seagram Building Plaza, right across the street, with two large-scale installations ~ Big Clay #4 and Lamp/Bear.

Urs Fischer at Lever House Summer 2019 Installation
Urs Fischer

Enoc Perez (below) worked from his own photographs of Lever House to create four variations on a theme of the historic building, entitled Daytime, Nighttime, Black and White, and Gold, in a manner reminiscent of Claude Monet’s version of Rouen Cathedral (2894) and The Doge Palace (1908). Below, ‘Gold’ in the current summer exhibition. It is part of Lever House permanent collection.

Enoc Perez ‘gold’

Below, a closer look at Enoc Perez’s ‘Lever House (Gold)’

Close-up of ‘Gold’

The Lever House Summer Installation will be on view to September 30, 2019. The Summer Installation was curated by Richard D. Marshall, who served as the Lever House Art Collection Curator until his passing in 2014.

Lever House is located at 390 Park Avenue, corner of 54th Street, NYC.