Life in a Shipping Container ~ a Williamsburg Home




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A few years ago, Summer Streets placed a shipping container on Park Avenue near 42nd Street, and created a swimming pool and cabana area, enjoyed by the public.  Over the years, we’ve seen several creative uses for the sturdy, steel constructs. But this Williamsburg home, created from shipping containers, really caught our eye and imagination, creating terraces and privacy at every level.

It is called the Carroll House, named after the creative and adventurous family that commissioned it. Joe Carroll, the owner of the popular restaurants Fette Sau and beer bar Spuyten Duyvil, and his partner in business and life, Kim Barbour + their twins embarked on creating wide open spaces with a cozy feel.

The company, LOT-EK Architecture and Design, stacked the containers three-wide and two-long, then three high at the front, and two high at the back.  The home occupies a 25 x 100 foot site, which sits on a concrete base.  Even though containers were sliced from the lower back, there was no waste, since all excess pieces were flipped over and placed on top of a higher stack.

The home, known as the Carroll House,  includes a garage and storage spaces in a basement, which are below an open kitchen and dining area. It also includes a brick fireplace, separating the eating area from a sitting room. It boasts 5,000 square feet in all, with five bedrooms. The outdoor space totals 2,500 square feet.

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The Carroll House is located at 2 Monitor Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn



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Love it? Buy it. It’s for sale. $5.5 mil.