Likkle Tings on View at New York Studio School




Installation view ‘Likkle Tings, curated by Curtis Talwst Santiago courtesy New York Studio School

The New York Studio School presents Likkle Tings, an exhibition curated by Curtis Talwst Santiago, on view December 9, 2021 – January 23, 2022. Likkle Tings looks at contemporary artists engaged with small-scale works as a major and serious aspect of their practice. The exhibition title is derived from the Caribbean slang for Little Things. Including works by Lyndon J Barrois, Sr, Emma Bonnemaison, Susan Cianciolo, Christina Kenton, Maria Koubourli, Christian Quin Newell, Jill Orlov, Patrice Robinson, Anthony Santiago, Curtis Talwst Santiago and Alexander Richard Wilson.

Curator Curtis Talwst Santiago writes “For most of our existence, humans have made tiny charms and talismans to bring luck, health, to keep the gods or those we cherish close. They have travelled with us, lived close to our bodies, and hidden from view when necessary. They have encouraged knowledge transmission, blessing, and intimacy.

Curtis Talwst Santiago, Bacchanal of the Therianthropes, 2021 mixed media diorama in reclaimed jewelry box 3.5 x 3 x 3.1 in. (9 x 7.5 x 8) NFS Courtesy of the Artist

The artists in this exhibition transform materials into palm-sized monuments. A mix of emerging and established artists, Likkle Tings has no insiders or outsiders. They are unified in their exploration of small-scale art as a channel and challenge. Lean in close, crouch, kneel, zoom in on your phone, reorient yourself, and embrace the quiet intimacy of close looking.

Lyndon J Barrois, Sr, Covid Chess Set, 2020; Mixed media: Chewing gum wrappers, magnetic board, glass test tubes, cork, acetate, wire,acrylic, ink, watercolors, sponge, cotton, vinyl tape, acrylic mirrors.
15 x 15 x 5 in. $25,000 Courtesy of the Artist ~ Visitors may sit down & play chess – carefully.

Participating artists include:

Lyndon J Barrois, Sr
Emma Bonnemaison
Susan Cianciolo
Christina Kenton
Maria Koubourli
Christian Quin Newell
Jill Orlov
Patrice Robinson
Anthony Santiago
Curtis Talwst Santiago
Alexander Richard Wilson

Likkle Tings, curated by Curtis Talwst Santiago, will be on view to January 23, 2022 at New York Studio School Gallery is located at 8 West 8th Street, NYC.