Limited-Edition #EGYPTSTATION MetroCards



Image via Paul McCartney Instagram

On his Instagram, Paul McCartney sends fans a message ~  See you at #EGYPTSTATION this Friday evening. He’s referring, of course, to the release of his seventeenth solo album this Friday, September 7th, in conjunction with a limited-edition Paul McCartney MetroCard ~ only available at the larger vending machines and station booths at Grand Central Terminal.

Image via Paul McCartney Instagram

There will not be an endless supply, advertised as for sale while supplies last. They are already being sold on eBay for an asking price of $40!

In addition, we heard that Sr Paul will hold a secret show in the city on Friday to celebrate his new release. Can’t figure out where it will be?  You can still hear it, livestream on the Paul McCartney YouTube channel at 8pm.

Can’t wait? Sir Paul will be Jimmy Fallon’s music guest Thursday night (September 6th) on The Tonight Show.

This appears to be the second limited-edition MTA MetroCard this year, with the first being issued in April, paying tribute to David Bowie.