Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision comes to East Harlem




Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision in East Harlem. Images via Taglialatella Galleries

The largest stenciled mural in the world was completed this week by (who else would you expect to do it?) artist, Logan Hicks, located within the East River Plaza complex on 117th Street in East Harlem. How cool is that!

“This started with a vision of going beyond making just a mural. I wanted to make an environment where people could forget they were in the middle of the city  – even if only for a minute.”    ~ Logan Hicks

If you scan the walls in the tunnel, you’ll spot colorful birds perched on lighting & signs everywhere.

Hicks was commissioned to reimagine the car-passageway entrance to East River Plaza, which extends from 116 to 117th Streets. Tunnel Vision is a 19,000 square-foot installation consisting of a continuous stenciled mural that wraps the entire space. The installation is paired with a custom designed sound installation.

This awesome installation is set to be certified by Guinness World Records on July 29, 2021.

Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision in East Harlem. Images via Taglialatella Galleries

Taking a closer look, viewers will see layers of stenciled aerosol transforming gray concrete into lush greenery, climbing up each of the thirty-foot walls and pillars, meeting at the ceiling painted in a vibrant, sky-blue gradient. Looking closely, tucked in the green thicket covering the walls are dozens of stenciled birds that live within New York State, while the four-hour looping soundtrack brings them to life – featuring the calls of every bird indigenous to New York.

This experiential piece was inspired by Christian Cooper, the Central Park birdwatcher who was thrust into the spotlight in May of 2020. Cooper shed light on a part of New York that Hicks was unaware of – the birdwatching community. Until that story unfolded across media outlets everywhere, the artist never knew of the Ramble – the birdwatching section of Central Park.

Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision in East Harlem. Images via Taglialatella Galleries

During the pandemic, Hicks visited the area many times and was taken by the symphony of bird chirps and songs that echoed through the treetops. The idyllic utopia of wildlife sits right in the middle of this bustling city.

Recognizing that there is a segment of the population that would not go to Central Park with a pair of binoculars to watch birds, Tunnel Vision is Hicks’ attempt to recreate the feeling of the Central Park Ramble in the language that he understands best – murals.

Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision in East Harlem. Images via Taglialatella Galleries

To grasp the scale of such an endeavor, it’s noteworthy that the artist’s estimate to complete the mural would be one, maybe two months on-site. Braving the unpredictable weather of every season, Hicks has now used over 100 gallons of paint, 500 cans of spray paint, hundreds of stencils, dozens of rolls of Gorilla Tape, and an uncounted number of hours painting – defying expectations – and tedious limitations of the stencil medium – to complete Tunnel Vision.

Logan Hicks: Tunnel Vision is presented by Taglialatella Galleries. The official unveiling will take place on July 29th at 11:00am at 509 East 117th Street in East Harlem.

People walking gives viewers some scale to the enormity of this project

An RSVP-only reception for Logan Hicks will follow that evening at Taglialatella Galleries from 6:00 ~ 9:00pm, at 229 10th Avenue in Chelsea. The gallery will display a thematic continuation of Hicks’ nature and bird paintings, as well as videos and imagery showcasing the creation of Tunnel Vision. RSVP to 212-367-0881 or email info@djtfa.com.

Logan Hicks: The Story of My Life on the Bowery Wall, 2016

We can’t close without including a few pictures from one of our favorite installations by Logan Hicks, entitled ‘The Story of My Life.’

In this installation, which was located on the Bowery Wall in the summer of 2016, Hick’s invited all his friends and fans to meet at the intersection of Greene and Spring Streets to pose for a photo. This photo session would be painted with five layers of 210 stencils per layer ~ and below we see the completed Logan Hicks: The Story of My Life.

After a few delays of many kinds,Logan Hicks: The Story of My Life on The Bowery Wall in the summer of 2016.

Follow Logan Hicks on Taglialatella Galleries and on Instagram, which is of particular interest to fellow artists right now.

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